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NLA: Zug wins the best fight!

For 22 years the first home game for Davos without Arno Del Curto, the top battle in Langnau between the Tigers and Zug and the champion ZSC receives the SCB. Click here for NLA Roundup.

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After 21 and 26 seconds, the superb fight in Langnau is a small thing. Players and spectators on Ilfishalle aircraft. She is calm. What happened?

After the abuser, Swedish artist Carlova Klingberg Zuga with Langnauer Claudio Cadonau – and loses the balance. On the head and full strength, the 27-year drop in gangs remains dizzy.

The game is paused for a few minutes. The Swede, who reached 1: 0, was lying on the wrists and wrapped in carvings – and was brought to the hospital.

After all, after the game is clear: Klingberg does not show any signs of paralysis, he can move everything.

The fact that ECC after Klingberg's shock with only three aliens can act, and also in honor of Tobias Stephan – suffering from inflammation on the hips – must give up, the Tigers do not help.

Emmentaler failed, for the first time since October 1, 2000, to gather a table, recognizing the fourth home defeat against the last five games. Much is happening to Langnau.

Good luck, Tigers come to 1: 1. EVZ leader Sandro Aeschlimann, who will be the fourth race this season and the fourth time winner, wants to grab the goal behind his box. But then the puck jumps out of the gang and across the casing directly in front of Nolan Diema, who just needs to push.

Langnau can gain bankruptcy as a good sign. When the Tigers were the last leader 18 years ago, they missed play-offs at the end of the season.

concierge: After 27 minutes, Zuger can be overcome. Tiger Ivars Punnenov crashed out of his case but attacked him. Suddenly, Reto Suri has an empty door in front of him. But then Langnaus Benjamin Neukom jumped up, saving one goal-line golfer on the line.

An unlucky person: Tigers attacker Aaron Gagnon, who broke the jaw in a collision with Matthias Rossi in Friborg two weeks ago, trained her for the first time. An issue? "He can hardly open his mouth and drink fluid at the moment," said sports director Marco Bayer. It is still unclear when Canadian can play again.

The best: Garrett Roe (EVZ)

Plum: Eero Elo (Tigers): Finn has a 2: 1 second in the third.

Door: 13. Klingberg (Zgraggen, Roe) 0: 1. 21. (20:33) Diem (PP) 1: 1. 39. Roe (Alatalo / PP) 1: 2.


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Game: Wonder a little longer. In the first HCD game without Arno Del Curta since 1996, the temporary duo Riesen / Müller is likely to be a bit stabilized by a defensive player, however, since the first home win on September 25th was missed. Despite the lead 2: 0, Servette compensates for some luck (or poor luck from Davos's point of view): Cast 2: 2 falls, as the shot from Davos Meyer is unavoidable for Lindbäck. In 2: 3 Youngster Barandun only makes a mistake in the play, and then gets a ruby, not in his hand. HCD then shows offensive, but can not bring strong Mayer to the Servette goal from the rest. Ninth home defeat for Davos, the other
Extraordinary victory for Geneva in a row.

Hands in the Criminal Space?: First hit Davos: Marc Wieser hit. The attacking wing of the wing fans gets a little push from Antonietti and clears the pucket into the goal. Smartly done, judges can not show him any bad intentions. But it was obviously a Handstor.

The best: Mayer (Geneva). Excellent performance.

Plum: Barandu (HCD) Looks bad at 2: 3.

Door: 29. M. Wieser (Nygren, Lindgren) 1: 0. 31. Lindgren (DuBois) 2: 0. 33. Simek (Romy, Bozon) 2: 1. 35. Kast (Martinsson, Bozon) 2: Ruby (Vuković, Richard) 2: 3. 60. Wick (Richard, Mercier) 2: 4 (in the empty net).


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After defeating home in a group of 1: 5 against Davos on Sunday at the Arno Del Curto crossing, ZSC Lions wondered if it was just a bad day or something really lazy.

The residents of Zurich do not sleep to start SCB. But there is still little to see in terms of mind and class. Craft lessons, nothing more. Out of the top players it comes down too.

Bernans do not have much to offer. However, it's nice enough, as they hit the ice cold, as Maxim Noreau was calculated at the beginning of the middle third. Canadian, who moved from Zurich to Zurich this season, sends a referee in the shower, as former teammate Thomas Rüfenacht has been silent behind and at the same time pulls back slightly above. This work is called "foot killing" and automatically results in the remaining exclusion, as players can be injured due to the impact on the back of the head. Noreau uses a 5-minute penalty, SCB no joke. 1: 0. 2: 0. 3: 0. Off. Amen.

Zurich fans are furious and the team responds with an increased pulse and more offensive efforts. But the damage he has done can not be solved.

This removes the defensive champion (on 2 and more games less) under the grain. The milestone of new coach Serge Aubin should end despite injuries. Because the spending that each new coach earned spent.

Injury: ZSC Lions has five victims from Cervenka, Wick and Nilsson, who are all out of action this year, and Suter and Sutter. And against Bern Severin Blindenbacher (leg) is eliminated in the first third.

Horror: SCB captain Simon Moser sneaked into a bad-looking cabin in the second-half of Klein's shot from his right leg. But emmental returns to the final part.

The best: Pascal Caminada (Bern.) If needed, at hand. Replacing the Star of Genoni can be played for the sixth time (twice in a cup). And celebrate your sixth victory. Bern's fans let him thrill with "Caminade!" Chants.

Plum: Maxim Noreau (ZSC). Fatal 5-minute penalty.

Goals 23. Boychuk (Scherwey, Haas / PP) 0: 1. 25. Ebbett (Rüfenacht / PP) 0: 2. 26. Rüfenacht (Andersson, Ebbett / PP) 0: 3. 33. Pettersson (Penalty) 59. Moser (Almquist) 1: 4 (in the empty goal).


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GameLakers lag behind because they miss the opportunity to take advantage of their great potential in the initial stage. Her weakness: hair loss on movable meter in the structure of the game!

Parade: Ambri-Goalie Conz is a great start in start-ups: His frontal men have already been beaten, but the 27-year mark is incredibly great against Kristo and Casutt.

Scene: The bad action seems to be SCRJ defender Gähler: Ambris Incir gets a step, standing next to the gang where the plexiglas ends. Gähler hits him with a blanket on his head, and Incir throws his face into the grip of the gang. Laker must have a shower, Leventino bleeds into the cabin, then into the hospital for further examinations. During the break, Gähler went to the ambience wardrobe to inquire about Incirov's condition. And we apologize.

The best: Zwerger and Kubalik (Ambri). The curved duck is hard to stop.

Plum: Wellman (SCRJ). An incredible loss of ball in the dwarf shortly after the goal of his team. Leventini do not ask twice. N. V.

Door:8. (7:07) Hofer (Kubalik, Guerra / PP) 0: 1. 8. (7:59) Jelovac 0-2. 9. Beat (Wellman, Kristo) 1: 2. 16. Dwarven (Kubalik) 1: 3.
26. Knelsen (Gilroy / PP) 2: 3. 28. Dwarven (Kubalik) 2: 4. 44. Ngoy (Müller) 2: 5.


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Game: After a brief start, Lugano takes over the lead, hears Biel and is fast ahead. Sea countries already need power after a fiery whistle of punishment against Lugana's shooter Hofmann to reach Anschluss gate. But now they appear, at least they are equal to Ticino. The lap comes at the end of the second period thanks to Brunner's double strike within 63 seconds.

Wall: Jonathan Hiller retains his team first in the game, then firmly. Appenzeller has 42 out of 45 footage.

Discipline: In the last direct match in October, he set 116 penalty minutes. This time, the two teams are very good in comparison – thanks to the tenth against Sannitza, at least 28 minutes gather.

So: Coach Lugana Greg Ireland takes the Swedish Clans at the stands and brings Haapal to him. An interesting Finn thanks him in the first third with a goal.

The best: Brunner (Biel). Shoot old co-workers with a hat-trick.

Plum: Earl (Biel). Go to the other third and get into the cooler for your sip.

Door: 2. Bürgler (Lapierre) 1: 0. 19. Haapala (Chorney) 2: 0. 26. Hügli / PP 2: 1. 39. (38: 36) Brunner (Rajala / PP) 2: 2. 40. (39 : 39) Brunner (Pedretti) 2: 3. 59. (58:08) Brunner 2: 4. 60. (59:48) Fazzini (Lugano without goal / PP) 3: 4.


Friborg – Lausanne 5: 1

Game: After three consecutive defeats with 16 goals, Gottéron is visibly hot. Home run from Lausanne from corner to corner and double strike within 110 seconds early for clear conditions. In the middle third missed the French troupe, but despite much more conclusions of the preliminary decision. So the guests are coming back from nothing through the innocent Kenins binge, in which Berra's goal looks bad. Vauders can hope for six minutes, then Marchon succeeds in a 3: 1 decision.

Surprise bag: The first six defeats in a row, then eight wins in a row and now the third bankruptcy. It's hard to get smart from Lausanne.

New: Friborg's new alien Charles Bertrand (27) landed on Friday in Switzerland. The French – last year's champion and top scorer in finland – was last happy in Siberia (KHL) for the last time.

The best: Andrew Miller (Friborg). At the beginning of the season, a big problem is the child, now more important to Gottéron.

Plum: Jonas Junland (Lausanne). The best league stand is faulty and in 1: 3 is completely disoriented.

Door: 6. Walser (Miller, Schneeberger) 1: 0. 8. Skaters (Slater, Holos / PP) 2: 0. 41. Kenins (Emmerton) 2: 1. 48. March (Mottet, Slater) 3: 1. 53. Miller (Mottet) 4: 1. 56. Holos (Mottet, Sprunger / PP) 5: 1. 59. Moy (Junland / PP) 5: 2.

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