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Now tells the Mall of Switzerland director

Before Jan Wengeler leaves his office at the end of the year, the Mall of Switzerland director will reappear today. The interview states the reasons for his departure and potential new tenants.

This Friday at 18:00 Jan Wengeler (40) has one of the last public appearances. The Director of Mall of Switzerland, who will abandon his duty at the end of the year (Blick reported), will switch Christmas lights to "On." Featuring public actions and prize games. Wengeler wants to take advantage of the strong advertising of customers to visit the second largest shopping center in Switzerland.

"We are confident in our concept and we want to continue to follow the current course in the future," says Jan Wengeler in an interview with the Moneycab portal. The reason for his departure this week, just one year after the opening, was to simplify the management of the shopping center. "In that process I decided to face new career challenges," he says.

For one anniversary of the company, the center reported 3.9 million visitors. This is far less than the budget. "We are confident that we will achieve a target target of 4.5 to 5 million market visitors to launch on time," continues Wengeler. This would be the case if the rental rate could increase.

10 & # 39; 000 m2 of surfaces are empty!

However, about 10,000 sqm of space is still empty! In the first year, nine tenants resumed their shopping center. "But 12 new tenants have been added," says Wengeler. The bottom line is the positive balance of tenants.

However, there are not many clothing stores and accessories that are particularly well performed, but "gastronomic and entertainment". At the beginning of December we welcome a new tenant, the Medical Center, which ideally complement the medical care in Rontal. Additionally, the Superdry brand names its first store in central Switzerland at the shopping center.

More than 40 tenants wanted!

According to Wengeler, the shopping center has more than 100 tenants. However, there is room for 140 retail and hospitality companies. As he wants to fill it, the Noch-Director opens. "Every day, we strive to increase the attractiveness of the Mall of Switzerland to consistently get more regular customers and new customers," continues Moneycab's interview. He says: EbiBeach, ice field or "extraordinary" Christmas decoration.

He says the concept of his shopping center is already outdated, as critics say, "The shopping center – the symbiosis of shopping, gastronomy and entertainment – is the absolute spirit of time." Really? Would the aisole and store in the shopping center be better filled with buyers, and the number of tenants far more than 100?

Online trading and strong frank

Wengeler blames online commerce: "The entire retail industry, as well as the Mall of Switzerland, are faced with challenges such as a strong franchise or online trading." This has to contradict innovative concepts.

But this will no longer be in Wengeler's hands, but in Peter Triner (60). Retouching specialist worked for the manufacturer of the Trumph and Silk sewing machines of Bernina Switzerland, but never run a shopping center.

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