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Öhl, 36, cook and former Bayer: This is Aarau-nada Maierhofer

7 goals in last 5 games. Great luck move, great results, great guy: "Major" is 36, an Austrian, cook and once played for Bayern.

After six laps with zero (!) Point, FC Aarau is in huge need to get a great 36-year-old Austria without unemployment. "The age was a problem before we met Stefan, after sports tests and personal conversation," he says. "It's a matter of age," says Sandro Burki, head of sports. And Stefan Maierhofer turns out to be a big blow of luck. The man 2.02 meters killed Aarau from the bottom of the table: 7 goals in the last 5 games. "It helps us out and off the pitch, because it knows its way in cold weather in various scenarios," says Patrick Rahmen.

"Major has arrived in Aara," says Maierhofer, and laughs. His name was main to summer 2007 and his move to Greuther Fürth, by then his name was Lange. "Fürth is the name of Langer, so someone told me Major Hofer." Major then stayed.

The main people should eat nutrition without gluten

The great hope of FC Aarau has as a kid a zero looks like a professional footballer. When seven is diagnosed, celiac disease is diagnosed. What is no longer a problem today is a Herculean task. His mum in the kitchen with gluten-free recipes, cakes and chefs. "She gave me special roles for the classroom. The first and second day was fine, the third was heavy."

And as a "small" Maierhofer ("I've never been small") Can play for the selection of an Austrian country, says his coach, "It's by itself, he's too big." Big mistake. 19 times later the game for the Austrian A-Nati. Major will be the Austrian champion in 2008 with Rapid Wien, with RB Salzburg winning the double win in 2012 and becoming a top scorer. Storm for various clubs in England and Bayern in Munich. In the German record-breaking champions, however, mostly in amateurs. The air in the professionals is Langen, but too thin. "My competitors were Podolski, Makaay, Santa Cruz and Pizarro."

Aarau is already his club number 18. He is sorry for many changes. "Wherever I was, I could learn in the field or as a person, as a personality," says Maierhofer, who occasionally acts as a model. Everyone says he works well with his direct and useful nature of the Aarau cabin. Behind them, the teammates are doing a lot together. Together with Italian Maierhofer takes his pasta. If the trainer orders a round of pizza, like Elsad Zverotic last Wednesday, for the Major without gluten.

Maierhofer is a trained chef

If he is still so capable at age 36, he is not just about his healthy diet. His attitude to work is a big movie theater. "Being a footballer is a privilege, even if we train twice, we do not get more than four hours, normal workers do it all by the lunchtime." And unlike many of his colleagues, he knows what he is talking about. He is a trained chef and restaurant specialist. He worked for eight years at work, most of the time at his parents' catering business. Between 16 and 18 years, when others sign their first professional contract, they stopped playing football. "I had to help my mother because my father died for the illness. We were in the restaurant for up to 16 hours a day."

Only at the age of 23 Maierhofer relies solely on football. Maybe that's why he does not want to stop. "Maybe I'll keep on the second season," he says. "Niko Kovac once advised us to play as long as possible." I would love to hear it at FC Aarau. However, he has resigned. The master ended his sports studies in 2014.

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