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Participation: The low-cost aeronautical div Indigo Partners saves Wow Air

The Icelandic airline has a new donor: Indigo Partners invests in Wow Air. It gives islanders well-known investors in a low-cost job.

On November 15, 2017, Indigo Partners entered the global light for the first time. Billigairline Holding signed a letter about the intention to purchase 430 Airbus aircraft worth $ 49.5 billion. The aircraft is intended for investments by Frontier Airlines (USA), Volaris (Mexico), Wizz Air (Hungary) and Jetsmart (Chile).

Now Indigo Partners re-create titles and enter another low-cost aviation line. Holding a company from Phoenix, Arizona, participates in the troublesome Wow Air. Two companies announced it on Friday (November 30th). They have checked the books of an Icelandic airline company and will now work quickly to complete the transaction, according to Indigo Partners' press release. Transaction details and investment levels have not yet been mentioned by Americans. However, founder Wow Skuli Mogensen remains a shareholder.

First firing on download

Behind the Indigo Partner stands William Augustus "Bill" Franke. His career began in the paper industry and then moved to the banking and retail industry. But he found a call in 1993 when he became America West Airlines' chief. He then remained faithful to the aviation industry, first as President of Tiger Airways, then Spirit Airlines as early investor in Ryana, leasing company Airplanes Group and as a consultant to Mandala Airlines. He is now the boss of Billigiairline Holding. "We have a clear strategic vision for Wow Air," Franke says at the latest deal.

On Thursday it became known that Icelandair has planned the download of the Wow Air burst. The Icelandic State Aircraft spoke indefinitely just because it could not meet all the requirements. This suggests that Mogensen began playing poker when Indigo Partners also appeared as an interested bidder, and in the end, Icelandair no longer wanted as a partner. Indigo is probably a better choice. Because Wow should now benefit from greater synergy than Icelandair.

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