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Patents for a new movement regulator have emerged

PlayStation VR: Patents for the new motion controller have appeared

November 05, 2018 at 18:14:

The PlayStation VR is quite successful compared to other virtual reality headsets. But one or two players can wait for the next generation. And that could bring a brand new movement regulator with it.

Sony has released a new patent for the VR controller. He rumored he was looking for another PlayStation VR generation that would probably hit the market with PlayStation 5.

A new model without lightballs

The patent titled "Lay Controller High Light Controller" was registered by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan. The regulator is shown in the patent and acts as a further development of the PS Move regulator. In the version shown here, light beams were scattered, which had to give way to some kind of ring with the function of illumination.

Unlike PlayStation Move, it looks like a controller described is designed from the ground up for VR. PS Move was released in 2010 for the PS3 and found the release of PlayStation VR for another use.

PS5: New patent designates V-Sync hardware-based technology

Another Sony Interactive Entertainment patent proposes V-sync hardware-based technology that may be suitable for PlayStation 5.

Rumors of another generation of PlayStation for a while. Last month, Sony hired employees for the "next generation Playstation campaign." And, according to speculations, developers will be familiar with PlayStation 5 as part of the upcoming PlayStation DevCon.

While Sony is still waiting for the next generation console to be announced, it has already stressed that new hardware is needed, there are analysts and industry representatives expecting to launch the console in 2020.

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