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Performing Tutor for Anju Zeidler by Anna Rosenwasser

Anja Zeidler in the video reveals that men and women are attracted. Anna Rosenwasser, Executive Director of the Lesbian Organization of Switzerland (LOS), gives Schelte one of her remarks.

Influencerica Anja Zeidler (25) discovered in Youtube video that she was attracted to women. "Yes, I had something with women – several times," says Zeidler. Until now, she only had relationships with men, hence calling her heterosexual. At the same time, she says, "Sometimes I see a woman and I think, Wow! That's very attractive. I think I'm bisexual.

How does bisexuality flirt with attention? Critical readers SEE the purchase of the attacker from their exit only conditional. "Yes, it would be hip! Stay in conversation at all costs," the reader writes in the comments. "He's slowly forgetting, and he has to figure out something new to bring it back to the media," is another voice.

"Many Exit Starts Like This"

Anna Rosenwasser (28), Director of the Lesbian Organization in Switzerland (LOS) and self-proclaimed "professional lesbian" welcomes Zeidlers Outing. "I think it's good that Anja has come out I believe many bisexual women can understand that it is at first precarious and that it does not stand right now and screams:" I would be! "Many come in this way," Rosenwasser says. "Baking is the first step for many women to find out who they really are. "

However, Rosenwasser harasses a video spot that Zeidler at the same time identified as a heterosexual and bisexual. – This is somehow a contradiction. And it serves as a cliché of bisexual women who have many heterosexual men, "she explains. This would particularly show comments on the video, talking about sex on the three. "Bisexuality is not perceived as an independent identity, but becomes a fetish of heterosexual men who are simultaneously dreaming about sex with two women."

– You do not have to warn your colleague

Rosenwasser particularly critically sees the point in the video: When Zeidler tells his colleague Sophia Thiel (23) to tease women, she adds: "Do not worry!" – She does not have to warn my colleague. It is unnecessary and formulated by Anja very unhappy. Just because the woman thinks the other women are attractive, does not mean that she is becoming strong. This promotes the perception that women feel uncomfortable in the presence of bisexual or homosexual women.

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