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Philip Morris Share: Highly toxic contaminant in cigarette filters from Iqos | 7:04:19

Philip Morris' Iqos tobacco sticks heater filters develop high toxic pollutants, so-called isocyanates, when heated.

Sensitive people may have already endangered obstructive pulmonary disease similar to low doses as asthma.

Isocyanate found a lab on behalf of the Blue Cross Bern-Solothurn-Freiburg addicts organization, as reported by SonntagsZeitung. The organization announced the results in a Sunday statement.

In laboratory trials it is not examined whether the isocyanates are inhaled during smoking and how they affect the health. Researchers have heated the filter parts at 100, 160 and 200 degrees. The full filters were tested at 100 degrees. In normal use, the appliance will heat the tobacco to the manufacturer at 250 to 300 degrees far more, as Blue Cross says.

Measurements by mass spectrometer of the gas chromatograph showed possible volatiles and only isocyanates. Namely, the laboratory has found diisopropylphenyl isocyanate and diisopylaniline.

Responsible for Bhopal's Disaster

They are dangerous poison. They damage human cell membranes. They are, inter alia, in solvents, coatings, paints or industrial foams. Strict rules apply to the business.

Pollutants can cause eye injuries such as corneal damage and respiratory irritation to asthma or obstructive chronic lung disease COPD. In addition, they can cause allergic reactions. Inhaling from the surrounding air can lead to fatal illness in just one year.

In 1984, about 40 tons of isocyanate flew out of Indian pesticide plant owned by the US chemical company Union Carbide in Bhopal, India. This led to the Bophal disaster, which cost more than 2,800 lives. Several hundred thousand suffered serious injuries such as eye and mucous damage.

"Risk Reduced" product

Producer Marlboro Philip Morris said at the request of the Keystone-SDA press agency that the isocyanate from the filters would not inhale. The company investigated in detail and did not find the isocyanates. In addition, the Blue Cross commission did not test the filters under realistic conditions, but heated them in the oven.

Tobacco companies see the future in alternative cigarettes like Iqos. Philip Morris intends to make two-fifths of its sales of so-called low-risk products.

In a holder-shaped heater, tobacco is no longer burned, but heated. Philip Morris presented studies that show that killing of tobacco eliminates almost all carcinogenic pollutants. The World Health Organization (WHO) is upset.

In addition, Philip Morris are also suppliers such as Japan Tobacco International and British American Tobacco with heaters on the market. Philip Morris has its headquarters in Lausanne.

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