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Played: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Black Order (Nintendo Post E3 2019)

In mid-July, Hack & # 39; s Slay veterans can look forward to a new feed on the Nintendo Switch. Nioh developer Team Ninja is currently working on an exclusive replacement, which is expected to delight not only Marvel fans, but also Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. At the collaborative action game we managed to take over the previous Nintendo event after E3.

Comic Space in Diablo

With Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, July 19, you get a seemingly Diablo clone that can also be resolved with up to three friends. Not only will you have the ability to fight four of us online online, but you will even be able to locally enter your hero's skin on just one console. The role play list should include a total of more than 30 characters from the popular comic universe and the others will be submitted as DLC later. Concessions include the Acesmen, Galaxy Guardians, X-Men, Marvel Knights and The Defenders. In our E3 dem, however, only a fraction of this character variation could be reproduced, including, for example, Storm, Spider-Man, Star Lord, Venus, Wolverine or Iron Man. Meanwhile we saw Jessica Jones. A powerful powerful woman has imitated the quest of the provider in our demonstration.


Story-technically, everything will spin around Thanos's supreme criminals. Marvel fans will be presenting you this year with the great epic of Infinity Stones, but with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, you will also be back in the battle of mighty artifacts, but the story itself will be completely new. You do not have to expect to recite the well-known story here.

The short demo of E3 mainly fought on the roofs of higher houses, which in the beginning did not show any originality. However, full version of Hack & Slay should offer well-known and creative spots as a battlefield, sometimes popular Marvel's settings such as Xavier Institute or Asgard. At the levels we played, the backgrounds did not necessarily shine with the immense richness of details, but they were quite passable for the action title from the ISO perspective.


After you choose a character, you will fight against massive hordes of enemies. Each hero comes with four unique abilities that are strongly based on the comic strip template. For example, the Storm is a powerful storm as the Lord of the Fire roams firearms with acrobatic strokes. Flying skills will also be able to use them. The whole thing is multi-layered in terms of characters that entertain your local team and no less important to persuade a strip of experts. In addition to the four individual standard attacks, you also have the option to use them in their enhanced form, which in turn requires the use of standard attacks. If you've done enough damage, you will also get a special offensive that is individually tailored to a certain superhero. Particularly interesting: this ultimate attack can be fired in the team, causing the battlefield to sink into chaos. Here we would also be the biggest criticism of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order: the four-player concept with its individual, brutal moves makes it a fairly large, dispersed mess, with particular clarity remaining on the track.

In addition to fighting, you will also get fewer puzzles. In addition, you should be able to individualize and upgrade your character in a running game. How exactly this system level looks, managing items, and puzzling passages, we have not yet been able to understand in our small Anspielsession. Unfortunately, it remains open as the express aspect of role play reflects and above all affects the long-term motivation that is so necessary in this genre.

  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Black Order

    "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order offers fiery action fireworks with precision and friendly Marvel bonds."

    Jennifer Engelhardt, editor

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