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Project Dragonfly: Google employees storm

Google is developing a censored search app for Android users in China. Screenshot:

Google buys – that's why employees raise money for strike

New releases of the Dragonfly project, Google's secret, censored search engine for China, led to anger.

The online media, The Intercept, triggered a sensation on Thursday with the story of the Dragonfly project. It describes the former Google security engineer and three current, unnamed employees as their company has turned around. Google has shut down its security and privacy teams from a secret project.

Google engineer Liz Fong-Jones called via Twitter for protest against her company.

Fong-Jones called for a temporary decision if Google's leadership fails to respond. And she offered to raise the first $ 100,000 in strike fund donations to help Google's employees join the excursion. Just a few hours later, her associates passed another $ 100,000.

Fong-Jones works for Google's department, whose executive director had to resign after staff resignation due to a drone project (see below).

Twitter also contacted Google employees who did not agree with The Intercept. She did not see someone dumped.

Google leads the earlier presentation that the company does not want to run a censored search engine in China. This is a research project (Research project), and yet no decision has been made as to whether Dragonfly will even be realized, the spokeswoman said.

"For each product, the final launch depends on a comprehensive, final review of privacy, but we have never reached that point in development."

Google spokeswoman

The Chinese government also said that such a Google service would not be realistic in the foreseeable future.

It's in the open letter

The American-owned company, which operates a research center in Zurich, does not retire because of the Dragonfly project.

At the beginning of the week, an open letter was signed by 200 engineers, designers and managers. It is criticized by Google's leadership for lack of response to the concerns of employees and human rights organizations.

The Android mobile operating system should allegedly comply with Beijing's communist leadership censorship provisions, Spiegel Online says. It blocks banned web sites and search terms like human rights, democracy, or religion.

The company's critics claim that the Dragonfly Project could create a "dangerous precedent that would make it harder for Google to deny other countries with similar concessions."

Protecting their privacy is vital for China's citizens, because in a unilateral state, human rights defenders and opposition members are faced with years of imprisonment or even death.

Turbulent 2018

This year, Google is repeatedly faced with violent protests and public statements of dissatisfaction with its own employees. Many have expressed themselves through Twitter.

Since 2010, Google no longer offers its search service from mainland China due to Chinese censorship ("The Great Firewall"), but from Hong Kong. Other big American companies like Apple and Microsoft have already agreed with the Chinese regime.

With the material of the SDA news agency

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