Monday , May 17 2021

Rage 2: Enthusiastic action with cheaters

With just one blow, each opponent goes to the ground: This is one of the cheats Bethesda announced for his action game Rage 2 (Played at Cheating with the name "Git Gut" should be possible at any time. The other cheats invoke an ally that helps in the fight, or surrounds the player with electricity that damages the attackers. According to Bethesdi, Rage 2 will be expanded to include more codes after the release – as the company says on its blog.

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Programmers remind us of the days when it was cheating for every action and strategy game. Today is no longer the case – probably because he cheats on many of the ever-connected server games would simply not work or exclude opponents in other players' games, otherwise it would not be ridiculous. There are also problems with ranking, trophies and the like. As Bethesda deals with these difficulties, it is currently unclear.

Real cheats on cheats at Rage 2, but probably not in any case. In the past, the codes were intended for internal use only, so developers could become invisible in search of errors at their own levels, so they would not be constantly disturbed by the fighting. Jokes are often found only because the player accidentally made the same number of entries.

In Rage 2, the codes also serve to marketing: who buys an expensive Deluxe Edition, gets three. And who orders the game in advance, gets it. It is unclear whether it is anyway new generated codes or some other individual activation – or cheating can be easily shared on social media and forums.

If you want to order a deluxe edition in advance, you should receive cheats in the Wasteland Wizard, but only against the currency in the game. Bethesda explicitly states that no real money is needed to use or receive codes.

By the way, the use of cheating in the service of sales promotion is nothing new: when at one point it turned out that the codes caused a lot of conversation among players, they repeatedly intentionally and sometimes more, sometimes less intentionally, interests and new Provide Clients.

Whether Rage 2 needs such tricks or even without enough tricks, we will learn from May 14, 2019, when Swedish developer Studio Avalanche produced an action game for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Windows PC (specifically Steam) at The market is coming.

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