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Research: Not just antibiotics – every fourth drug destroys our intestinal flora

A new adverse reaction was detected in every fourth drug

It is known that antibiotics are bacteria killers who are fighting against useful and harmful bacteria. In addition, a recent study has revealed that more than one of four drugs affects natural bacteria in the human intestine. This unknown side effects may have a long lasting adverse effect on health and also contribute to the development of antibiotic resistance without taking antibiotics.

The European research team from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory has found previously unknown side effects in more than a quarter of the drugs being investigated. According to the study, every fourth drug affects up to 40 different bacterial species, which are of crucial importance to our intestinal flora (microbial). The exact effects of this influence are not yet known. Researchers believe that a long-term negative impact on health is likely. Research results have recently been presented in the renowned magazine "Nature".

Great current research has revealed previously unknown side effects in every fourth drug. Obviously, a lot more drugs affect our intestinal flora than we thought before. The consequences for health are currently unknown. (Picture: Andreas Schindl /

Inflammatory flora gains importance in health research

Research in the last decade has repeatedly shown the importance of intestinal microbial composition for general health. It is known that antibiotic medications cause major damage to the intestinal flora. However, this effect also occurs in many non-antibiotics, however, until then it was not known.

This is just the tip of the iceberg

The current study of nature first describes how one of the four non-antibiotic drugs inhibits the growth of various intestinal bacteria. This unknown side effect was found in medications from all therapeutic classes. "How many different types of drugs affect the intestinal microorganisms was really surprising," says Peer Bork's leader in the study's findings on the findings of the study. Bork finds this discovery only at the tip of the iceberg. Data from studies indicate that the actual number of medications with these side effects is even greater.

Side effects with unknown consequences

"We do not yet know how most of these drugs are acting on microbes, how these effects are manifested in a human host and how it affects, for example, the health of patients," adds a colleague, Kiran Patil. This relationship needs to be investigated immediately to improve the understanding and effectiveness of existing drugs.

Resistance to antibiotics without antibiotics

Along with potential health risks, the impact on intestinal microbes may also contribute to the development of antibiotic resistance without using antibiotics. Researchers explain that it is related to general anti-biotic and other anti-biotic resistance mechanisms. "It's really scary, given that people take drugs all their lives, often over long periods of time," explains Nassos Typas of the research team.

In the area of ​​intestinal bacteria, there is still little understanding of intestinal bacteria

"Fortunately, not all non-antibiotics have an effect on intestinal bacteria, and not everyone will resist spreading," says Typas. It is interesting that resistance to certain non-antibiotics can even increase the effectiveness of certain antibiotics. This opens new possibilities for optimal drug combinations.

Each person has a different bowel flora

"All people differ in the composition of microbes, which could explain why different patients respond differently to the same medications," says Georg Zeller from the research team. Apart from some bacterial species that we all have in common, some people would have completely different bacterial strains within their microbes, an expert said. This speaks in favor of personalized treatment tailored to the individual intestinal microbial of the patient. Further information on intestinal flora can be found in the article: Construction of intestinal flora: It works!

The hose has a huge impact on our health

The exact effects of intestinal microbes are still being explored in numerous studies. It is clear that the intestinal microbe has a huge impact on our overall health. For example, the secret of a healthy heart is in the intestinal flora. This was recently discovered by another research team from Colorado Boulder University. Researchers have shown that changes in intestinal microbial can affect heart health for years. (Vb)

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