Saturday , May 15 2021

Researchers warn: New swine flu spread – dangerous for dogs and humans


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A new dog grip is spreading in the world; it is dangerous not only for animals but also for humans. This is the conclusion of scientists from the Korean University in Seoul.

According to media reports, South Korean scientists have discovered new viruses that can be dangerous not only for dogs but also for humans.

It is said that it is a so-called "Cervical Influenza Virus" (CIV) that was born at the beginning of the new millennium, when dogs were infected with bird flu.

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A few years ago, it is also said that the CI virus is mixed with swine flu, so since then in the form of "CIVmv" is a real danger.

Now scientists from Seoul want to find out that the flu virus, which was initially widespread, especially in the south of China, is rapidly expanding.

It is believed that in a very short time it has spread to other parts of China, as well as South Korea and Thailand. The first infection in the United States has now been reported.

It is especially dangerous here that the virus can be dangerous not only for dogs, but for people as well.

Researchers warn that "the development of canine virus (CIVs) in Asian dogs becomes more and more complicated and poses a potential threat to humans."

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This means that dogs can also infect people with dog flu, such as stinging. Some scientists now have a similar pandemic as well as swine flu in 2009 and 2010.

"Further surveillance is urgently needed," the researchers wrote, "to understand the complete genetic diversity of CIV in southern China, the appearance and endurance of viruses in different populations of dogs in the region, and the risk of progressive development of the virus."

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