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Rivella ceases to sell national drinks in Germany

At the beginning of the year, Rothrist AG's Executive Board decided to remove Rivell from the German market. Reasons.

This decision should not taste the Südbadenern border: Rivella decided not to sell its Swiss national drinks in the German retail market.

Unlike German citizens along the Swiss border, red, blue and green can not overcome all over Germany, Badische Zeitung writes. This is not a temporary cessation of delivery, but a definitive measure of a Swiss beverage producer based in Rothrist AG.

The withdrawal was decided at the beginning of 2019

The decision to remove milk outflow from the German market was adopted in early 2019. Thomas Warring, head of the International Business Unit, says the attempt to establish Germany lost: "We did not meet consumer demand over time significantly increase.

Because of this, we have not been able to achieve its sales targets in southern Germany, despite a large number of staff and financial commitments. We decided to give up market cultivation. "

Low Profit Margin in Germany

The beverage market in Germany is very competitive. The pursuit of being successful in high, profitable margins is low. The German deposit system also caused problems, Warring said.

A small window leaves Warring open for German fans Rivella. "There is still a chance to get Rivella in Germany through special stores, also online," says Rivella manager.

The Swiss family business in 2017 recorded a record year abroad with 29 million liters of Rivells sold. The figures for the last year are not yet known.

Rivella is particularly successful in the Netherlands, the oldest and at the same time the most significant foreign market of the Swiss beverage producer.

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