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RTF.1 – Reutlingen-Tübingen: Attention


Make Attention – Health Department and AIDS Help Inform HIV

Saturday is the World AIDS Day. On December 1, many organizations around the world are calling for solidarity with people living with HIV and informing them of illness. Brigitte Ströbele from Aids-Hilfe Reutlingen-Tübingen and Dr. Med. Evelyn Thumm from the Reutlinger District Health Office therefore met the disease and his treatment.

Germany is one of the countries with the lowest HIV infection rates in Europe. However, there will be one new infection, too. Homosexual men are still particularly vulnerable.

"Because there are also men below her who are not so open to classically safer sex messages because they may not even see themselves as gay, but as heterosexuals, who now and then have sex with people, that's another understanding, because I'm a gay scene – These are the best experts, you have to say. It's not doing so well, the prevention of the last 30 years, "said Brigitte Ströbel from German AIDS Reutlingen-Tübingen.

Generally speaking, Brigitte Ströbele recommends that you test regularly everybody who has more than 10 sex partners per year. This is not possible only at the Regional Office of Health and AIDS Hilfe, but at home with the HIV test. There are also opportunities for HIV prevention.

For special cases where the condom can not be used, there is PrEP. It's a medicine that prevents even unprotected sex with HIV positive people, that it is getting infected. However, it must be taken in advance.

If a person is infected then he can be treated relatively well. Modern medicine allows those infected with HIV to inflict virtually every profession without living with others and living well with the disease. However, people with HIV are often marginalized. There are too many fears in society:

"It is, for example, difficult to find dentists who treat them when they say that HIV is positive, because even in the medical profession – where they should think they know it, even if they are simply dying to get virus transmission, said Ströbel.

To prevent this exclusion, AIDS Aid has launched a new campaign under the hash tag "Know Doubling". The organization wants to find out that people who are infected with HIV can no longer infect others.

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