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Rumor Release: Huge Vortexes around Vicky Mantegaz

Ticino sport without rumors? Unthinkable. Currently, the problematic HC Lugano is again blooming.

Weekly rumors of HC Lugano are heard. And they should not be too silent for too long. It's not just about the position of coach Greg Ireland. The Canadian contract expires at the end of the season. Until then, despite disappointing results (9th place, 3 points behind the line) should remain in office.

Discussion about the position of sports director Roland Habisreutinger is discussed. Should he leave the chair after the season? And what role in the club will play defender Julien Vauclair (39) when his time on ice is over?

Rumor about Mantegazz's resignation

And there is the rumor that 53-year-old Vicky Mantegazza, who has been in office since 2011, resigned as president at the end of the season. This was announced today by the famous RSI man Omar Gargantini on Twitter.

"At the end of the season, Vicky Mantegazza will hand over to the presidency of HC Lugan: it looks like much more than a rumor, or is there a sensational return to the family or will it come to sensational return?" Bristant's statements. holding big chunks of marketing next-generation boss Mario Mantegazze and who could be a great returnee? It does not need much imagination to think of the former striker and chairman Fabia Gaggini, who still has the biggest influence on the club.

Lightning quickly denied after tweets of RSI man

However, HC Lugano quickly responded to Gargantinis Tweet. With denial.

"I like these colors (white and black, red.), I love this club and while I have strength, ability and fun, I will remain in the forefront. Vicky Mantegazza categorically denied the RSI journalist Omar Gargantini, "quotes HC Lugano as the daughter of" Presidentessima "Geo Mantegazze (90).

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