Tuesday , September 17 2019
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Run a Trailer for Total War: Three Kingdoms

SEGA and Creative Assembly today represent the official starting trailer for the upcoming strategic game "Total War: Three Kingdoms".

Total War: Three Kingdoms' strategy game will not be released until May 23 for the PC, but SEGA and Creative Assembly already show the official trailer today to turn their attention to early launch on the market.

Game description: "China is in turmoil in 190 when the Han dynasty collapsed under the reign of the young emperor, because the tyrant Dong Zhuo pulls the knots in the background, and the power of this brutal despot grows inexorably The Bolstinian Chinese empires penetrate deeper into anarchy, but hopes flourish the form of the three heroes joining the upcoming catastrophe, unifying the leaders of the greatest families of that era to end the rule of Dong Zhuo In this fragile alliance, each party follows its own goals and seeks power over the empire, inspired by the era of art, Total War: Tri the kingdom brings to life the heroes of this fascinating era as players struggle to subordinate China to unify the flag. "

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