Thursday , July 18 2019
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Six were injured in Zermatt VS

At Zermatterhof on Friday, there was an explosion. Several people are hurt. The police initially admitted at least six victims. Fernando Clemenz from the hotel says at the request of Blick: "We can not tell much about the moment, there was an explosion and several injuries in the kitchen."

How hard victims are injured, Stevie Léger, cantonal police spokesman, at the request of the Keystone-SDA agency, can not yet say. The victims were transported to the Sion and Visp hospitals. Clemenz explains that the hotel is still open: "We were in the reopening phase after the renovation of the hotel, we did not yet have guests."

The explosion happened in the kitchen. At the time of the explosion were craftsmen and hotel workers. The rescue team is deployed on site at the Grandhotel Zermatterhof. The fire was under control. There is no danger to the population. (PMA / SDA)

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