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Soundtrack Game – The Swiss Behind the Sound Collection "Red Drainage 2" – Culture


"Red Dead Redemption 2" is celebrated as a masterpiece. Mario Batkovic contributed greatly. We visited him.

Without a music album, no movie, no game was financially more successful this year than "Red Dead Redemption 2". The first weekend, the game recorded $ 725 million.

It is estimated that only game programming has more than 1000 programmers for seven years. But that was not all that long: two years ago, eight composers were also reported for "Red Dead Redemption 2". One of them is Mario Batkovic – the Swiss harmonicist who contributed a lot to the soundtrack with his team in Bern.

The cellar tomb is home to the music of Mary Batković

Mario Batkovic set up his instruments in the cellar "Progr" Bern.


As the engagement with the production company in the game is a top secret. Also, exactly what Batkovic did for the game. He betrayed so much: "Even after the first meeting it was clear: chemistry is right".

Love for every sound

Mario Batkovic does not like to call himself an accordion. He was a musician and he accidentally came to the accordion because there was nothing at home before. The coincidence that makes him very happy. His instrument fascinated him for decades.

"First of all, I'm fascinated with the imperfection of the instrument, but not in the sense that I have to use all these imperfect instruments." He was concerned about the countless possibilities in the instrument that he and all the other harmonics in the world did not investigate.

What Mario Batković means, becomes clear when you have his solo album, Link opens in a new window hear. He rarely hears the sounds with the instrument, which is otherwise too much of a joy to be reduced to folk music. Likewise, sliding the tape and clicking the buttons integrated Batković into his pieces. Every sound, every sound should receive the love and attention it deserves, says the musician.

Yodel's songs in the old western songs

Mario Batkovic has already worked on movie soundtracks with solo albums and various band projects. Transferring mood and feeling to music – so the musician already had experience before "Red Dead Redemption 2".

The western sound is close to him. American immigrants came from all sides and collected all sorts of instruments and styles in their music. In old western songs, he sometimes recognizes recognition, Batkovic says.

So writing a music collection is a wonderful playground where he could try a lot. Even he built his own instruments and could have lived a cowboy in it.

Huge dimensions

Mario Batković had nothing to do with the Games so far. So before he started working on the Red Dead Redemption 2 soundtrack, he bought the Playstation console and played for weeks to prepare.

Since the music of the game is fundamentally different from that of the film. The film rarely lasts longer than two hours and always lasts for the same song. By contrast, playing the main story about "Red Dead Redemption 2" lasts for about 60 hours – and they are different for each player. Depending on what is happening, music is also changing.

Already the first part of "Red Dead Redemption" has entered the history of video games – for its own world that can freely explore and respond to player decisions.

The second part praises the critics in the highest tones. A masterpiece to which Mario Batkovic contributed greatly to his studio in Bern.

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