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Stiftung Warentest tests the car seats 2019

Stiftung Warentest children's car seat were examined:

  • 31 children's car seat were reviewed by Stiftung Warentest
  • Period of inquiry: May 2019
  • Test criteria: handling, ergonomics, pollutants and safety
  • The scandalous result: the model is life-threatening

The Stiftung Warentest has 31 new children's car seat carefully. The key criteria were security in case of impact as well as those contained in the references pollutantsOther criteria were handling and ergonomicsMany car seats and baby carriages were given a "good" test result, and the child seat was even "very good". Of the two childrens chairs Sti Stiftung Warentest, however: one contains too many pollutants, and the other is a life-threatening place to crash.

Child car seats in Stiftung Warentest: Better performance than last year

In the latest test from November 2018, Stiftung Warentest reviewed 14 baby seats and 4 children's seats for ages and subjected them to a collision test. They all endured a hit test, the first time after a few years. However, four were fined, and the verdict was "bad". According to Stiftung Warentest, many of the previously tested models are still available.

Value for money: A good child car seat does not have to be expensive

The range of priced baby car seats ranged from 50 to 500 euros. Good news: a car seat rated "good" does not have to be expensive. Recommended models are already available from 50 euros. On the other hand, one of the most expensive children's seats on the test (400 euros!) Turns out to be one of the worst.

New in 2019 test: winner, loser, price advice

The new in the child seat test is also an i-size boot Maxi-Cosi jade, It is transverse to the direction of movement in the rear seat so that two seats are required. However, according to Stiftung Warentest, it is very safe and practical, and can also be used as a stroller. Unfortunately, it's very expensive with 420 euros.

It is also new in the child seat test We approve all phases, The car seat is set to grow and so is a one-time purchase for the whole child. Unfortunately, the child seat is very uncertain: "In a frontal collision, the examiners have increased the risk of injury," writes Stiftung Warentest. "The total verdict is therefore sufficient."

Maxi-Cosi Tobifix On the other hand, it has good safety assessments, but is highly contaminated. "We found a firefighting TCPP in the fabric," says Stiftung Warentest. "It is suspected of causing cancer and does not belong to the child's seat." All in all, the seats in the recent child seat test, but were pleasantly unobtrusive, the testers continue.

for sale in the current 2019 test is a infant carrier Cybex Aton 5 for only 130 euros (currently on Amazon: 121 euro *). It is suitable for babies up to 15 months.

Stiftung Warentest warns of that child seat

Unfortunately, Stiftung Warentest test 2019 also had a complete failure: The investigators explicitly warn in front of the child seat Chicco Oasys i-size, I-size seat for children up to 78 cm. Krpergre failed completely in the collision. "When he hit a child seat test, the belt buckle pulled out of the seatbelt with a frontal strap to kick the kid off the seat in case of an accident." The provider responded to his own information and revised the headquarters. Seat owners can replace the damaged parts of the Chicco manufacturer.

Child car seat with alarm system

Four of the tested models include a new alarm system designed to prevent parents from forgetting their children in the car – it's already mandatory in Italy. The tester's wish list is also an alarm system running as soon as the child unloads while driving.

Buy a child seat: Tips Stiftung Warentest

The Stiftung Warentest also provides valuable advice to families planning to buy a child restraint.

  • "Testing is mandatory, sitting in the seat of your vehicle? Check out the alternatives."
  • "Let your child sit, check for comfort and comfort, be sure to sit in your car."
  • "When buying, pay attention to the ECE R 44 seal number 03 or 04. The orange label ensures that the seat is tested and approved according to the latest standards."
  • Since buying a used car seat on buffers, bazaars or the Internet, Stiftung Warentest. "Use child car seats only if you know the origin and history."

The complete Stiftung Warentest car seat test with a total of 491 tested seats (248 currently available) and children's bowls are subject to a fee on the Stiftung Warentest website.

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