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Suspect object: Police block Bundesplatz

The Bern Cantonal Police broke the Bundesplatz. Image: watson

The Bernese cap gives all clear: Bundesplatz open again

Due to suspicious things, the Bern Cantonal Police closed the Bundesplatz on Friday night. About Twitter have informed the police about blocking the site. The assignment of the second Bernard Santarune was to be postponed.

Samichläuse, who took part in Santarun in Bern, was released from the scene. Image: watson

Meanwhile, Kapo Bern is all clear. The suspect object was harmless.

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The woman admits smoking in bed – and was released from custody

The woman responsible for the fire at a multi-family home in Solothurn with six dead was again released from the police custody. She recognized smoking in bed.

On Monday afternoon, the police forsaken the woman forever. On Monday, Wengistrasse 40 began a devastating fire, "due to improper use of smoking goods." Sixteen died.

The State Attorney's Office may, within 48 hours of being arrested, file a request for a forced trial or release a person.

Now the solothurn state prosecutor has …

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