Sunday , May 9 2021

Swiss tops and Sandro Schärer test VAR

Now it's serious for Video Assistant Ref in Switzerland! In the second simulation in Thun we need our top refs. And number one.

Officer, says Sandro Schärer, the best of his guild in our country. He sits in a van with a TV assistant VAR and a video technician. "Offspring" is an expression in a VAR space that it is not allowed to express at this time. It violates the Fifa protocol that must be observed in the sense of VAR. Schärer said "possible hinterland". And if that does, the technician will mark the offsider. Only when this is achieved will it be tested whether the hit preceded the hinterland or not.

Ex-Judge pitcher in VAR

"Can not Guarantee That Everything Works Right Now"

Schärer and his assistant, one of whom is always watching the game in progress, are very focused. – The physical component falls. Cognitive is very tedious, "says fifty percent of professional ref.

The four scenes will be carefully examined in the 40-minute U15 match between Old Boy Basel and Biela. Two situations at Gates. A possible scene of punishment. A possible emergency brake, there is never a VAR intervention. "Tihi ček" is an official name. Tacit review. From that, the judge in the square with nothing. Is it because of cutting? Schärer: "It can be very different playing up to eight interventions. "

"Many scenes are a matter of interpretation"

Schärer is happy for VAR. "So we have security if we miss something clear and obvious." And so Zurich already says, which is most important in applying VAR. Two words "clear and obvious". Only such errors can be corrected or recommended for review. "Many scenes are a matter of interpretation, for fifty percent is punishment, not for others, because VAR can never intervene."

What's next? In the final phase, the FIFA protocol envisages more than 90 minutes of games. And at each Super League stadium this will have to happen at least once. By June, the central VAR room at Volketswila ZH should be ready for housing. How many judges are today? "Swiss refs are already very far away," says Hellmut Krug, former German supreme ref. "But the biggest jump still needs to come: the Super League mission under competitive conditions when the pressure is huge." That's another house number! "

«Swiss refs are already very far away»

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