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Sylvester Stallone officially retires Rocky – MANN.TV

With Rambo, Sylvester Stallone had another role in the parade, which probably none of his fans would ever forget. Of course, we are talking about the legendary hips of Rocky Balbo. If you are wondering why a spy player used "had", that is a good reason. Given that Sylvester Stallone officially adopted the last congratulations to his lovers of his beloved role.

After more than 40 years, Rocky is over and many unforgettable moments have been experienced with the "Italian toy" in Ring / Kinosaal. All of his victories and defeats and the heavy blows he has given him – the death of Mickey and Adriana. And a life lesson, even after the toughest hits to come up again and again.

"My last rodeo"

How Rocky instantly taught us, "In life, no matter how much you spend, but how much you can bear!" But now boxer hero Sylvester Stallone has finally hung up gloves, like a Hollywood superstar in an emotional Instagram publishing publication. Another star will glow in the skies sky and tell his story.

Speech is of course the character of young Adonis Creed and the upcoming "Creed 2" movie, setting Stallone leaves little doubt: "Well, this was probably my last rodeo, because … I thought Rocky had finished in 2006, and I was very happy about it, and then suddenly when this young man introduced [Stallone zeigt auf „Creed“-Star Michael B. Jordan]Everything changed. "

Goodbye forever?

"It's been a new generation, new problems, new adventures, and I could not be happier, because when I come back, I see my story tells me, there's a whole new world that will open to the audience this generation. Rocky's family has been transferred to their hearts for more than 40 years. "

Stallone concluded with these emotional words: "It was my greatest privilege to create and play this important figure, even though my heart breaks, unfortunately, everything has to happen … and end." I love you, dear and generous, and the best part of all is that Rocky will never die because lives in you. "

You can not express it better, Sly. The words do not sound good for Rocky – the fans of the first "Creed" movie will know what I mean.


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