Friday , April 23 2021

That's why Paris Hilton separated from Chrisa's fiance

Paris Hilton broke his engagement with Chris Zylko. Now the hotel owner explains why.

Paris Hilton (37) breaks its silence: In the show «Talk»
The hotel owner explained the separation from his fiancé Chris Zylke (33), who became public a week ago. "It was a stormy romance. I was always obsessed with Disney's stories and love stories, and I thought it was a happy ending," Hilton said. "But after a while I realized that it was not the right decision."

Hilton still believes in marriage

She is doing very well right now, enjoying her time as a single, complementing the blue. "I would love Chris the best, one day I really want to get married and have children, but now I'm focusing on my work and my work." (Wyt)

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