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The headquarters of UBS is reopened after a complete renovation

After three years of construction, UBS opens its headquarters at Bahnhofstrasse 45. The Bank has completely renewed and renewed its more than 100-year-old building.

The headquarters of UBS in Zurich is probably the least known. The world headquarters with 60,000 employees and the 1.2 billion Swiss francs were not, as many thought, in Zurich Paradeplatz just across the street from Credit Suisse, but a few hundred meters away on Bahnhofstrasse 45. Here the Swiss Bank Corporation (SBG) was founded before 21 with Basler Bankverein until merger.

After three years of construction, the headquarters of UBS now shines in a new shine. The building, built in 1917, has been renewed and extended several times over the years. After 100 years, the building for the first time took over a complete reconstruction of "opening the building, adapting to future customer needs and improving its urban development," explains Katrin Koch, UBS Executive Director, on the occasion of the first uphill.

Portico dominates the entrance

Outside, the building barely changed due to the façade mentioned. Zurich-based architects EM2N, responsible for concept and renewal, have cleansed the so-called " Münzhof. It was built between 1915 and 1917 according to plans by architects Pfleghard and Hafel. "The hall is, on the one hand, a memorial worth seeing, but on the other hand the center of UBS's office," says Koch.

The approximately 200-square-meter square surrounding the portico, according to UBS, is available for various events – from exhibitions and lectures to customers. You can now see the Christmas market. On the ground floor there are new ATMs, available 24 hours a day. Along the Bahnhof and Pelikanstrasse, four shops and restaurants open their doors in early December.

These were the bosses of UBS

UBS shuts down on costs

On the first floor, UBS's client consultants will receive millions and billions of customers in the future. For this purpose, there are meeting rooms with fine carpet, meeting tables of noble wood and plenty of art on the walls. Hodler here, there's skin. And somewhere in the headquarters of Bahnhofstrasse 45, UBS head Sergio Ermotti and his team are also sitting.

UBS shuts down on costs. Even architect duo Mathias Müller and Daniel Niggli of EM2N can not comment on the cost of construction. One thing is clear: Three years of construction plus years of planning devour millions. For comparison, conversion of Zurich Kantonalbank headquarters – also to Bahnhofstrasse – costs 200 million francs. The UBS headquarters should not be reconstructed.

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