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The lost Karl-Erivan Haub: a dispute over the inheritance of the Tengelmann clan

Despair and sorrow are still great. In April 2018, the successor of Tengelmanna Karl-Erivan Haub disappeared at Matternhorn. But behind the scenes, a fierce struggle for the power of inheritance. It's about billions.

One year ago, German boss Tengelmanna Karl-Erivan Haub († 58) disappeared in Switzerland. Rodbina Matterhorna left her relatives in October. There is no hope that he will find the Living Haven again. But he was not declared dead and certainly not forgotten. So his widow Katrin visited this weekend in his memory of Valais, as reported by "Bild am Sonntag".

Besides grief, it is also business – and a lot of money. Empire includes OBI DIY stores as well as discos Kik (textile) and Netto (groceries). As the German newspaper knows, for months in the background of angry family quarrel. According to the testament, shares of missing persons should go to his children, twins Victorian and Erivan (both 26). But now Brother-Christian Karl-Erivan (55) wants to inherit the heirs of the company.

Tax on inheritance tax

Since Karl-Erivan Haub disappeared, Christian Haub took over his family business. He stood in front of her in the shadow of her older brother, lived for 30 years in the US and "could hardly take care of Tengelmann's work," as Bild am Sonntag writes. But now he has the right to say. However, it seems that communication between the two branches of the family is almost exclusively lawful.

The cause of the inheritance dispute: The widow of Karla-Eriana Hauba has not yet declared her husband dead. Therefore, his children have not started their inheritance and do not have to pay inheritance taxes. It will probably be in hundreds of millions. Usually this amount is paid by the company.

The twins disagree

But now Christian Haub uses the upcoming tax burden to put pressure on his niece and nephew. They should sell their shares and leave the payment company. Gemini, on the other hand, want to stay open and see their future as part of Tengelmanna.

The company spokesman confirmed that he will discuss the financing of inheritance tax. Although there are different perspectives, conversations are being led "in a constructive atmosphere that is geared to the solution." The solution to which the parties to the dispute agree remains to be seen. But without the drama it can hardly be achieved.

Radically different

Christian Haub already puts his stamp on the company. While initially said to take only temporarily, it is now firm in the saddle. At the turn of the year, he was taken over by Tengelmann. On the other hand, many leaders of his fraternal environment have disappeared.

To a large extent, the structure of Tengelmanna will remain. Management is getting weaker and many jobs are abolished. 2019 is a year of transformation, Haub said. Maybe for the family.

Tengelmann-Erbe has disappeared for six days

"Our search has never been completed"

No trace to the boss Tengelmanna Hauba

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