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The witness comes to the Ju-52 movies

The plane collapsed vertically to the ground. (Image: Screen

The witness recorded the fall of Ju-52 above Flims. Shocking images have now been released on "".

There are incredible images that were posted on this morning. The witness video shows the final seconds of Ju-52 before crashing over Flims. "Aunt You" falls to the floor. Within a second, 17 passengers and three crew members died – they did not have a chance.

Ju-52The pad had no technical reasons

In the investigation of the fall Ju-52 There was no evidence of technical mistakes in Flimsu GR in August that could cause an accident. However, the other two Ju-Air aircraft received a temporary ban on flights.

All the engines seem to work. Damage to three propellers suggests that all engines were in high speed. This is stated by the Swiss Security Investigation (Sust) in a provisional accident report released on Tuesday. The fuel was also available in "substantial quantities".

However, technical disadvantages were found on completely destroyed aircraft. This was in the direction of Sutta, but without any impact on the fall in Piz Segnas, where all 20 prisoners died. Corrosion damage on the rails, hinges and wedge clamps are still classified as safety. The same goes for defects in new engine parts.

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