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These home remedies help you with cold overnight

Especially in the cold period, many have to fight with nasty chill. However, these home remedies make the snuffing & co run out quick.

Chicken soup, honey in warm milk or spit on a mosquito bite: What has already preached to Grandma as little children is often the case today. So-called home remedies, which have been proven from generation to generation and have since been transmitted, quickly help with small and bigger diseases. With lots of fluids, certain foods or herbal ingredients that have antibacterial activity have been established and can be effectively countered by colds.

Cold Tip One: Ocat pulls fever out of the body

Anyone who already suffers from heat or heat can help with plenty of water, as well as with a damp cloth on the forehead and wrap around. This again cools the overheated body.

They just have to Mix cold water and apple vinegar in equal parts in the bowl, Then moisten the towel or tea towel with a mixture, squeeze and wrap the calves. It pulls the fever out of the body, Tiles change over and over again when no effect is felt. In case of severe fever, contact your doctor.

So you can also drink apple vinegar, Pure or mixed with water, juice, tea or honey. It should have an antibacterial effect, release the throat and stimulate salivation.

Cold Tip Other: Herbal tears alleviate inflammation

The tears are optimal for taking enough fluid while acting as diuretics and flushing toxins out of the body. However, you do not have to just sip camomile tea. Also try a flower of a lip or a flower.

Tanins and phytochemicals in it are designed to reduce inflammation in the body, Simply add two teaspoons of flowers in hot water and let it sit for a while. After that you can drink tea infusion, rinse your throat or even inhale the towel over your head.

helps with inflammation of the throat, cough or coldsIn addition, "Fiebertees" were drunk before going to bed to cure an infection overnight.

Cold tip three: coldness against bodily pain

Those who suffer from colds often have to cope with painful aches in the body. If the body is in pain, it is recommended in the evening before bed in hot hot bath (about 38 degrees). As a result, the body sweats from the toxins – and also the aromatic additives of pepper, pine needles or eucalyptus oil relax limbs and encourage circulation.

It's good to know: Essential oils are also suitable in a steam bath for the face. There they release the possible mucus from the nose and the bronchi, Who decides to heat up a pot of 2 liters of water, then pour it into a pot. Add a few drops of the selected aromatic oil, cover your head with a towel and take a deep breath for ten minutes and blush again.

But beware Everyone who already has a fever does not use anything with a hot bath, That body would burden unnecessarily.

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Cold Tip Four: Chicken soup has an antibacterial effect

When you have a cold and body fat, you often think the food is the last. But enriching the meal is just as important as enough fluid. It is therefore recommended to combine both – and to sip a delicious chicken soup.

Allegedly, according to Focus Online, even American researchers have found that collagen even cooked chicken soups and other antibacterial ingredients rank. In addition, hot soup increases body temperature – and is good for the good. "Even the smell of preparation causes many people a pleasant memories of childhood," said nutritionist Irmingard Dexheimer ahead of Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger.

He is also convinced of the strengthening of the effect of chicken soup:It begins with chicken high zinc content and continues with classic vegetables such as broth, celery, carrots and onions"So the vegetables will contain vitamin K, beta carotene and phytochemicals with anti-inflammatory effect.

In order to strengthen the defense, no fresh chicken soup should be left in the pot. Frozen goods have the same effect on Dexheimer. Recipe nutritionist: Bring one or two cooking pots and refine the frozen vegetables, bay leaf, cloves and herbs. Thymian, which with its essential oils dissolves in the airways, is suitable for this. Another Recipe: Boil chicken soup with soup vegetables in a vegetable soup and bake an hour and a half.

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Cold Tip Five: Nose wash cleans nose

Have you ever noticed that many, bronchial diseases is the sea better? One of the reasons why many spas are near the sea. The sea breezes moisturize the mucous membrane, dissolves the hardened bark and dissolves mucus and spleen, as the star reports. You can also do it at home with a cold or with sinusitis.

You just need one Dissolve half a teaspoon of sea salt in 250 ml of hot water and saline solutions in one nose shower (available in any drugstore or pharmacy). The next step is to bend your head over the sink so nothing spills beside it. Now hold the shower in the upper nostril and let the salty solution run out through the lower nostril. After the first pass through the whistle, briefly repeat the procedure vice versa. You can do this for up to 20 minutes.

A woman uses nose washings every dayBecause of this unimaginable reason, it was fatal.

Cold Top Six: Quark roles have cooling effect

If you have had a high temperature or congested bronchitis, you might have seen a mother or a grandmother with a skinny (thin) quartz. That works in fact cooling and therefore is also suitable for cold drums.

To this end, the upper part of the body is free and generously covered with a layer of cheese. Then the towel wraps around the upper body. Alternatively, you can also apply quark to the thickness of the centimeter of fabric, hit it and put it on your chest or upper back.

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Cold Tip Seventh: Ice alleviates the inflammation of the throat

The only good thing for a child was a painful throat, so for many people it was likely that they could eat as much ice cream as they wanted without a conscience. It is intended to alleviate scarring or difficulty in swallowing. However, the fact is that ice cream with high milk content makes the neck even more sticky and therefore very unfavorable.

Still, they are Clean ice cubes are very suitable for easing the island, You just have to suck them – your neck will cool down and your body will get extra liquid. However, if you are tired of eating ice cubes, it is best to make them with paprika, honey or lemon juice.

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