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This game of Santa Claus could be expensive

Santa's letter is launched in WhatsApp – it's behind it:

It is currently doing a new one chain letter on WhatsApp lap. In the following text, the bulk sent message WhatsApp comes to users:

"Little game for you: You come to the room, two dogs and three cats lie on the bed, Santa Claus, a donkey and five girls stand … Three pigeons and a little duck flying … How many feet are in the room? Have a Three Day Image of Santa Claus on WhatsApp as a picture of a profile.

WhatsApp chain letter makes confusion: A harmless action or a trap?

The Internet is currently discussing solutions puzzles. Many users ask: "Do I really count my legs?" Because of the confusing question one looks just the right solution the puzzle is unrealistic. One possible solution that circulates causes a misunderstanding among many users:

"Right is eight feet, two of you, two grandparents and four beds, the housemates and the ass have a bunny, now you have to picture Santa on WhatsApp as a photo for three days, and if you do it with your friends you will soon see only Santa Claus in your Do not be prey. "

In addition to puzzle resolution, a chain letter also poses a threat to users: this makes another letter with the chain. This warns of fraud with children's angels at WhatsApp. According to the warning, the image of Santa Claus is protected by copyright. It's circling to ask WhatsApps billing users in the end.

There is something in this warning: WhatsApp users should basically assume that the copyright situation is unclear. For example, a technology portal for mimics reports that they have already achieved similar cases in 2014 and 2016. According to their report, the users at that time took the picture with a pomp.

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Whether it is fraudulent removal, 100 percent can not be answered. What is certain, however: Every image is copyrighted! The copyright holder of the image could theoretically warn WhatsApp users using Santa Claus.

Simple Solution: If you want to participate in Santa Claus Emoji, you should use free images from "" or "". here

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