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This is the first Tesla police in Switzerland

Cantonal police from Basel-Stadt got seven new Tesla as emergency vehicles. At Instagram, officials show how an electric car turns into a car on a blue light path.

"Stop, cop!", Blinks behind the white Tesla cantonal police Basel-Stadt windshield. Two blue lights go nervously out of the grid.

An electric car has been pimped into the police car for the past few weeks so the policeman is optimally serving policemen with blue lights, sirens, police radio and many other addicts as a whore. Basel police are the first in Switzerland to rely on Tesla. Seven Tesla X-100D will soon turn to the Basel streets. They replace part of the old Mercedes fleet.

It was soon presented to the public

On December 6, the first three Tesla police will officially be disclosed to the public. The other four cars will be thrown out next year. From the beginning of November, the Cantonal Police released some photos on their Instagram account and showed how the electric cars are dropping. The mechanic has pushed all the way to the chassis to install its own technology.

This also causes frustration among users. "What moved you to Elektro?", The follower wants to know. "Being caught without juice is probably stupid." The throttle calms: an emergency vehicle drives an average of 200 kilometers per day – but the battery charge of Tesla is 500 kilometers enough.

Cheaper than the old fleet

Seven Tesla costs 140,000 Swiss francs for the purchase, including an expansion – about 50,000 francs more than a comparable diesel vehicle. But, according to the cantonal police, the total cost of new vehicles is lower despite the higher cost of supply compared to today's cars. Specifically, operating and maintenance costs as well as sales value would have a beneficial effect on costs.

With environmental benefits, there are other advantages, such as more storage space and higher carrying capacity. Gullwing doors are also practical when it comes to "restraining restless people," says Kapo at Instagram. There have been "thorough practical tests".

In-house decision for Tesla

The supply is, however, heavily criticized in the Canton Basel-Stadt. According to Basler Zeitung, the main council in the Grand Chamber was that the purchase order for CHF 980,000 was executed without a call for tenders. Decision making is also insufficiently documented. Also, hybrid cars have not been tested.

Baschi Dürr, head of the Department of Justice and Security (JSD), admitted mistakes at that time. However, JSD wanted to get a completely electric alarm vehicle "for the main reasons" – such as the construction office that buys electric scrap vehicles. Since only one supplier fulfilled the specifications, the award was without competitive bids.

Despite all the criticisms: Since Samichlaus, the first three Tesla are ready for criminal hunting in Basel.

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