Saturday , September 18 2021

This war mine: Complete Edition will be released at the end of November for the Switch

This war mine will be released as a Complete Edition on November 27 for the Nintendo Switch. "Complete Edition" includes DLC's Little Ones, Father's promise and all the enhancements that have emerged from the original launch. In addition, the package includes access to all future content. The version is available at a retail price of 39.99 euros.

With this war, if my 11-bit Studios elaborate stories of civilians in the obsessed city. Why does this unpleasant and emotional story work so well, explains the test.

Publisher (Deep Silver) writes: "This warfare is an anti-war game that provides deep insight into the burden of survivors during a military conflict, and has steadily increased since its 2014 release, encompassing new stories, scenarios, more people and places. Thanks to the overwhelming support of the game community, developers succeeded develop DLC's Father's Promising DLC ​​story, which contained a basic element that was not in its original version, and added The Little Ones as a feature character of this war. Additionally, developers rounded out the entire package of war extensions that is collecting donations to date the United States charitable organization, assisting children in war zones. "

"In this war – a complete release, players play an unusual role in fighting the war: they are not on the move as armed elite soldiers, but take over a group of civilians who have to survive in the besieged city. There is no shortage of challenges: brutal robberies, snipers, torrents, lack of food and medicines are a constant threat, and this war mine offers a delicate perspective on everyday life from the point of view of the civilian population. "

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