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Too old for "Batman"? Actress Ben Affleck has solved his superhero

Last Updated on January 31, 2019, 13:49

There have been rumors for a long time, now confirm: Ben Affleck has resolved his superhero job as Batman. Is it too old?

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Since 2016, Ben Affleck's role as Batman has protected his native city of Gotham City from evil. Now this should be done. In the announced movie "The Batman" will obviously slip into a superhero suit.

History wants this way

Although the Hollywood actor is still pretty good at age 46, he seems to be too old for a new movie. As the US trade magazine "Rok" reported, the focus of this time on younger Bruce Wayne lies – the next generation is so sought!

Those who follow Affleck's footsteps are not yet known. The director and screenwriter, however, have already been fixed. Matt Reeves will take on both tasks, the report says. He directed, among other things, the latest films of the "Planet of the Apes".

Affleck looks relaxed

Although for Affleck with "Batman" -The one end of an era announced, it seems to be athletic. He commented on a Twitter message saying, "I look forward to" Batman "in the summer of 2021 and see that Matta Reeves's vision becomes a reality."

Anyway, a 46-year-old would not have time to dance – his schedule is full. Not only will she act in the movie version of Kate Alice Marshall's novel "I'm still alive", but will also produce a movie.

The films "Torrance" and "Prosecutor Prosecution" are clearly still on the list of actors' assignments. (Barefaced)
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During the day, they are normally employed, journalists or lawyers. But at night their secret identity comes to light: superheroes attract the viewers in front of the TV screen for years. Have you seen this series?

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