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Top 300 in Switzerland – The richest is richer – but a bit faster – the news


For the first time since the financial crisis in 2008, the wealth of the 300 richest people grew below the average.

  • Since the financial crisis, the assets of the 300 richest Swiss have risen on average by CHF 28 billion a year.
  • In the current year, growth has significantly weakened, rising only by 1.7 billion francs.
  • Together, the richest 300 now have 675 billion Swiss francs, as the business magazine has released the "balance".
  • Despite slower growth, the richest 300 were never as rich as today.

Richness belongs to Switzerland like cheese or cow. And whoever has as many exclusive cakes, he sets the "balance sheet" annually. But for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis, the richest people have become richer a little bit faster.

Swedish furniture remains in 1st place

The founding family of Ikea, Kamprad, has been at the top for 17 years. Since the death of his father, three brothers Petra, Jonas and Mathias share family wealth of a good 50 billion francs – furniture retailers increased their property in 2018 by 2 billion francs.

Roche's successors have also been among the first three: the Basel Hoffmann and Oer family. Good 25 billion francs call it her own.

Brazilian-Jorge Lemann now has only a bronze medal. The investor is the largest individual shareholder of the largest beer brewery in the Anheuser-Bush Inbev world. Low stock markets reduced property by 7 billion to estimated 21 to 22 billion.

Top 10 without Vekselberga and Blochera

Election Swiss Viktor Vekselberg is no longer in "the top ten". When his name came to the list of US amnesties, important corporate roles came under pressure. Vekselberg has lost 3 billion francs.

Also from the list of ten wealthiest fell the Blocher family. The weakening of Ems-Chemie and Dottikon ES shrank Blocher's assets by one billion.

The wealth of the richest grows

If we look at the wealth of the 300 richest since 1989, it has grown about three times stronger than the Swiss gross domestic product. If their money was allocated to the entire population of Switzerland, each citizen would receive CHF 79,400.

Overall, "Top Ten" this year won 2 billion francs. Together they have 203 billion. Three of the 300 richest have 30 percent of the wealth of the richest.

"Old" versus "new" capital

The "balance sheet" has one common thing: The capital of the highest representatives is exclusively from the traditional industries, the so-called "old economy". This is typical across Europe, as compared to a similar annual listing of "Forbes" business journals.

In the US, on the other hand, "New Technology" has taken over the rudder. Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world as the founder of technology and commercial divan Amazons. The same applies in China. Jack Ma, the software owner Alibaba, has a wealth of $ 39 billion, according to Forbes. Agencies this week reported that he was a new member of the Chinese Communist Party.

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