Monday , June 14 2021

Torfestival in Trondheim is not enough for Salzburg yet "

Salzburg's Austrian football champion Rosenborg Trondheim won 5-2 (4-0) on Thursday in Norway. However, as RB Leipzig lost a parallel match at Celtic Glasgow 1: 2, Salzburg can not plan fourteen games in the fourth game for the Europa League semifinals.

The man in Trondheim was Takumi Minamino with three goals (5, 19, 45). For this Salzburg wrote Fredrik Gulbrandsen (37th) and his own goal even Hovland (57th). Rosenborg managed in front of 13,000 spectators Samuel Adegbenro (52) and Nicklas Bendtner (61) just making cosmetics. Salzburg leads Group B with twelve points ahead of Leipzig and Celtic with six. The point from two outstanding two matches against direct competitors will reach Salzburger in the eighth participation in the EL group for the sixth run.

The last strong Hannes Wolf was not surprising at startup in Salzburg. In the middle of the attack, Minamino swirled in his place. Coach Marco Rose was right with his decision: The Japanese man was a remarkable man in the field. Minamino made a scoring at 5 minutes and Stefan Lainer had a short shot. Shortly after, he missed a great chance near (12). After a long ball, Andre Ramalho missed 2: 0, but it was worth seeing the volleyball.

Salzburgers clearly led the way. The Norwegian champion was sometimes helpless, but in the first half only felt dangerous before reaching the goal: Alexander Walke had to stop in the header of Alexander Söderlund (31). On the other side, Gulbrandsen hit his fellow countrymen. Norwegian put another Cross from Lainer after a nice combination under the bar (37).

After Amadou Haidar scored the ball from the corner (41 '), Munas Dabburg failed to find Rosenborg goalkeeper Andre Hansen (42'). Minamino finished the triple package, but before the break. The 23-year-old, who now has nine competitive games this season, ended on the second after Hansen dropped his first attempt.

The next goal of Gulbrandsen was probably not recognized after the break (48). Rosenborg defeated the first goal. Adegbenro did not look good at the central spirit of Ramal and Jerome Onguene, who had the advantage over the recently suspended Marino Pongracic in the criminal area.

Minamino also had legs in the game at 5: 1. Hovland changed the ball into a Japanese match with his goal. On the other hand, a shot from Arsenal Bendtner's shot went off in a short corner. After that Salzburg did not go full speed. Dabbur was denied the goal, Goalgetter fired right away (68th).

Salzburg also scored more than two goals in the fourth group game. Semi finalists last season also have the opportunity to finish the EL group stage for the third time after 2009 and 2013, without losing points. It was the 20th win of the bull in the 24th season this season. At home, they had Rosenborg 3-0 too no chance. In the next round of Salzburg, on November 29th, will be welcomed by Red Bull's stable competition in Leipzig. Finally, it will be December 13 in Glasgow.

First reactions

Marco Rose (coach of Salzburg): "Today there is no shadow, as a coach you just have to leave in this way – was the sensational first half, I know what the guys have on Taki (Minamino) was very, very common, successful, lively, made a very good game and rewarded, we have no problems, today we are very happy for the result, at twelve points in Europa League, we know we do not yet, so we have two tough opponents. "

Takumi Minamino (Salzburg Triple Shooter): "For me, of course, well, but for the team is also good, I'm happy and I'm very proud I'll be happy today, of course I'm waiting for my chance I want a chance, I want to use it, I just wanted continue the team. "

Andreas Ulmer (Salzburg captain): "We invested a lot in the first half and we played a lot and we used very well, and we did not want to take 4: 0 and we did it. It was a big win, three important points at the table and still one point is missing. "

Stefan Lainer (defense counsel from Salzburg): "We had a lot, we started very aggressive and poisonous from the very beginning, we had playfulness, the opponent was more or less lost, the first half was remarkable but we already saw that we have some quality in our team , we will look at ourselves and try to decide for the next difficult match for us. "


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