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Trump gives in: Rescue for Android on Huawei Smartphones?

After Donald Trump put American sanctions on Huawei on ice, the question of Android's future for smartphones is being asked. Is it safe to use popular mobile phones for which Google will offer updates in the future?

One-day stroller ride for Huawei in a new, slightly relaxed round. Yesterday, we reported on an agreement between US President Donald Trump and Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping to continue negotiations in the trade dispute between the US and China. During that time, Huawei was taken out of the fiery line and now is allowed to buy hardware and software solutions from US companies.

An official statement on Huawei's and Google's very positive news is still in progress. The theme is also occupied by a large number of German end users. Whether Huawei's smart phones will receive Android updates in the future, important applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram will continue to work and whether the programs will permanently download from the Play Store the most frequently asked questions from consumers. Skepticism about the future of Android in Huawija allows the sale of an otherwise very popular producer to fall partially.

Android updates saved, Ark OS as an alternative to planning

But the situation is far from relaxed. Equally fast and surprising when Trump introduced sanctions for Huawei, they are now (just) put on hold. The trade agreement between the United States and China is far from being a leader, which could have a backward role. From now on, however, all newly-launched smart phones from Huawei and its affiliate Honor can be certified by Google and are delivered with Android updates and security patches in the long run. August 19, 2019 is also outdated as a deadline for a possible termination of a temporary Android license.

With the cautious celebration of trade conflict development, Huawei should continue to focus on completing its Android competitor or cloning Hongmen (Ark OS) as a rescue line. So the producer, though surely inadmissibly, tries to cancel the subscription to US companies. Will it be positive in terms of the end user, we will see more. Anyone who wants to access Huawei or Honor smartphone with the Google Android operating system can do it in any case without fear of limitations.

Huawei promises the future

Two Chinese companies promise their large customer base in Germany that all currently-sold and proprietary smart phones will be updated regardless of the future US embargo. Likewise, all apps will continue to be supported, and the warranty will be retained. More questions to answer Huawei and Honor on their FAQs on Android rumors and the promise of the future.

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