Saturday , December 14 2019
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Two prisoners attacked and injured in Bern

The hostages in the action attacked two innocent people in Bern and injured hospitalized.

In the city of Bern, two ambulances were attacked and injured during scheduling at Grosse Schanze during the night on Wednesday. Bernese Security Director Reto Nause strongly condemns the assault.

It is "scary and totally unacceptable for the rescuers to be attacked and injured in their jobs, saving people": Nausea is stated in the statement by the City Administration for Safety, Environment and Energy. Nauseates hope that perpetrators will be responsible.

Two, according to this message, attacked the nurses. Those who were attacked had to go to the hospital, but they could now leave the hospital again.

For Nausea, this incident confirms that at the federal level more stringent laws are needed to effectively protect public officials in conducting an official offense against violence and threats. (SDA)

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