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Tyson Fury lost more than 50 pounds

He was drinking, drinking, he was on the ground. In fact, the miracle that Tyson Fury can again fight for the world title. After a monstrous diet, Brit is now in top shape.

Tyson Fury (30) had to sacrifice. His beloved Fish & # 39; Chips? Verboten! Alcohol? Verboten! Pasta, rice, potatoes, beans? Verboten! Instead, on the plan: pimply the training regime. Two units per day, five days a week, on Saturday only one, and then a break, before the whole operation began again.

A few hours before the WBC World Championships in the heavy race against Deontay Wilder, a look at Fury's body shows that great suffering paid off. A few months ago, when the camera buried about 170 kilograms, a man with abdominal belly, over 50 kilograms of athlete goes from his muscles as Fury fights to make Wilder drop in a more or less spontaneous struggle at a press conference.

For breakfast there is a bacon egg

Thanks to Fury Fitness, his food coach Greg Marriott wrote his own menu of Avocados, Nuts, Cheese, Fish and Meat. In the last few weeks, for Fury he said that poultry dishes are made with peanut sauce almost every day. At least for breakfast, he has no new habits to grow: he still has eggs with bacon.

What a good news for Fury, Wilder can not please. If the British is as fit as he did in November 2015 when he played Katz and Maus in Dusseldorf with Wladimir Klitschk and finished his decade of superiority, the American long night on Sunday in Los Angeles (DAZN Live at about 5.30 pm) Evening in front of him.

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