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Wedding after birth – Schweizer Illustrierte

Peer Kusmagk and Janne Hönscheid met on the gay dating show "Adam sucht Eve", now married. And this one for a year, as the jungle recreator and professional surfer announced surprisingly.

Can he really find his great love in "Adam asks Eve"? That! At least Peer Kusmagk, 43, and Janne Hönscheid, 28, proved this. Two people met each other on the RTL dating show in 2016 and for the first time met on the island with a bare head.

After the show, then the surprise: Two Nackedeis are actually couple. A few months later the next surprise: Janne Hönnscheid is pregnant. And since all the good things are known as three, there is another surprise: they are already married. More than a year.

"Relatively non-bureaucratic"

The former actor and professional surfer discovered the last surprise in the series Sat.1 "Famous Private – My (Almost) Perfect Life". "Actually, just before Emil Oceans was born, we decided to get married because we planned a very, very long way," says the reality show participant Kusmagk. Your little son was born at the end of August 2017 – at least that they are already married.

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But Peer Kusmagk also says that they were "relatively unbirookly married in the registry office". Now they wanted another proper ceremony. And the two star stars would not be star stars if they allowed them to watch the camera for the television series. To see from Thursday night at Sat.1 at 5.30 pm.

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