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When will the email die? – News Life: Society

Many would rather see e-mail dead than tomorrow. On the one hand, of course, they are all software producers who want to inherit electronic mail with their applications – whether they are now Whatsapp, Threema, Signal or Snapchat. Since Samuel "Ray" Tomlinson, who invented Mail 1971, unfortunately completely overlooked commercial opportunities: with a free messenger you can collect useful information.

Not only that, you can, like WeChat in China, build a virtual economic space where users can order taxis, book tours, manage their own stores, and make money transfers – of course, to a small commission for the operator. But Tomlinson, who built an e-mail as an open system: The user can choose not just his program arbitrarily but his provider. He can even manage his own server if he feels like that. But so much freedom of choice hindered the job, of course.

On the other hand, many users have enough of this archaic communication channel. The fact that emails are sent to unboxed is not a real problem for most of them: snoopers, who cross-cut and read even brutally banal everyday messages, do not deserve better. The real problem, though, is to break down constantly, are really important messages guaranteed to stuck in a spam folder, and privates can not pass just because they are larger than 100 megabytes. The "Respond to Everyone" button is directly deadlier on an e-mail: you always click it accidentally if you want to solve small, cynical private messages from psycho-hygienic reasons.

There are many reasons for posting on vacation: there are such a long-term resignation that some people attach to each message. He says that everyone should fall dead who dare read a message that accidentally landed in his inbox. Hello: Did you hear about curiosity? There is this inescapable retraction system used to formulate older annotations in longer dialogues – which causes complete chaos breakdown before later. And there are baroque and artistically extremely valuable signatures that completely kill the content.

But, like all the reasons for removing this old scribble from the Internet, it will never happen: email is forever. After all, how would you like to sign up for the next, better communication system if you do not have an email address yet?

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