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Why did Microsoft surpass Apple?

Microsoft's chief Satya Nadella brought the company back to the track.

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Windows Manufacturer is again the most valuable US company after eight years. There are five main reasons for this.

In 2010, Microsoft sold the crown of Apple's most valuable American company. Now Redmond has returned them. For $ 3 billion, Microsoft won the iPhone maker and reached $ 848 billion in market capitalization on Wednesday night.

Apple's stock price has long been painful, partly due to reports of the slackening of the iPhone sales. Greg Joswiak, vice president of product marketing, announced on Wednesday that the iPhone XR is ahead of XS Max and XS Max S since launch in October, and the last two devices bring greater margins.

The downward trend was boosted by US President Donald Trump, who said that this company could also suffer from additional tariffs against China. The background is the long-standing trade dispute between the two countries.

In addition, Apple's chief Tim Cook recently warned that sales in the important Christmas quarter could be below market expectations. Last but not least, many investors recently monetized and sold technical works.

But what are the reasons for the return of Windows users? There are five key factors: Microsoft has turned Office, the main source of revenue, into a successful subscription model. In addition, one concentrates on Redmond and the cloud bidding, and sealed off in 2016 by Nokia. Launched in 2015, Windows 10 forgot to floppy for Windows 8. All this triggered the appointment of Satya Nadelle. He replaced Steve Ballmer in February 2014 at the head of the group.

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