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Windows 10 1809: now another brightness bug

The October nightly update has another mistake: on many machines, the brightness of the screen is reduced to 50 percent.

Many users have become impatient and have been upgraded manually by October. Of course, this can be done; It would not be that hard: you could empty the "C: Windows SoftwareDistribution Download" folder, install all the update and update updates at the end of September via the Upgrade Wizard (
But do not do it! Many laptops of different brands (at least Lenovo and Dell) show a much darker screen.
This is because in the update in October, the automatic brightness adjustment functions are obviously incorrect. The function is called "Adaptive Brightness". Before we wrote the article: "Unwanted Brightness Fluctuations".

The problem is now: Anyone who believes that the settings listed in the aforementioned article can still be changed by the October install upgrade installed will have their eyes open when they visit the "Adaptive Brightness" setting: they are missing there.

You can try to manually increase the brightness: use the brightness keys directly on the laptop. If it does not, try it Start / Settings (gearsymbol)/ System / Display, There is a slider switch to "change the brightness". Maybe it helps; then that would be just the first breakthrough.

Firmly tighten the brightness

(Source: NMGZ)

If the device does not respond, stop the so-called "Display Improvement Service". press Windowsbutton +R, tap services.msc and press enter, Double-click Preview Improvement Service. to stop Turn off the service using the appropriate button Start type on disabled that.

Stop or disable the "View Improvements" service

(Source: NMGZ)

It is best to restart the computer once. Now at least the brightness settings need to be with the laptops button or with the sliders in Windows Settings work.

addition: Microsoft is aware of the problem and should fix the bug in one of the following updates. After installing the following Windows updates, you can try the performance enhancement service in the same way inception and worse automatically to turn. If problems are solved, leave it – if not, disable the service again. Up to the next update.

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