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Windows 10: Backup from the registry is no longer automatic

In many cases, the backup from the registry is useful for correcting the error. For some time Windows 10 does not automatically back up those backups. The user must manually activate backups or use external tools.

Microsoft support support support shows that the registry backups known as "Regback" from Windows 10 Version 1803 (update for April 2018) are no longer automatic. This reduces the need for storage space. Redmond Corporation recommends using a recovery rescue point system with a corrupted registry. Alternatively, registry backups can be manually activated.
Windows 10 Backup RegistryTo save the registry, you can manually enable the RegIdleBackup task.

This will enable backup creation

To do this, you must first call the registry editor. The program can be started by entering the "Windows key + R" key combination, followed by the "regedit" command. Then the user should go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE & bsol; SYSTEM", then "CurrentControlSet & bsol; Control Session Manager & bsol;" and then go to "Configuration Manager". In the right part of the window you have to right-click and select the "New" button. There is a possibility to create a new "DWORD value (32-bit)". This value must have the name "EnablePeriodicBackup". After a double click on the input, the value "1" should be assigned.

Once the above steps are successfully completed, the backups are restarted without further user action. Every time the computer restarts, the registry is automatically copied to C: Windows 32 and bsol; RegBack folder.

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