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Would you like to sleep on the right? You should change it better

Sleep is healthy – but the right side is crucial.

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Do you want to sleep on the right in turn? This is a worrying habit for their health. The study reveals the reasons.

Sleep can be so nice – and it's healthy. If you are asleep enough, you are well rested and fit for the upcoming tasks. But what hardly anyone knows: Sleeping position can also affect our health.

Reasons to not sleep on the right

In a study published in The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology in 2015, Doctor John Doulliard lists several reasons why you have been sleeping but to the left Instead, turn to the right:

1. Stomach and pancreas

The stomach and pancreas are located on the left side of the body. Who sleeps on the right, ensures that The stomach presses on the pancreas and hinder their activity.

Circulation of the heart and blood

The main artery, the aorta, flows from the heart to the left. If you're on the right, you have to heart Pump blood "uphill". Those sleeping on the left side of the body, on the other hand, support the pump function of the heart.

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3. Lymph system and spleen

If you are sleeping on the left side, you do it lymphatic system something good for the body, says Doulliard. And for the following reason: The lymphatic system is responsible for transporting important nutrients and filtering waste materials. Because spleen, which also cleanses the blood, is located on the left side of the body, and the waste products reach it very quickly, if it is on the left.

4. Grayscale

Those sleeping on the right side suffer about twice as much of the heartburn (called reflux) as a left sleeper. According to the study, this is because the food acid is on the right side of the stomach. However, those who turn right while sleeping make it easier for himus to go back to the esophagus and cause unpleasant discomfort.

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