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Reporter Zhang Yuhan / Comprehensive Report

Huang Hena, the granddaughter of a famous South Korean company, Chaebol "Nanyang Dairy", admitted drug abuse in the June 7 investigation, but hinted that, as A friend of the artist A urged, the other side asked him to buy after a re-infection. Poison.

H Huang Hena was arrested. (Picture / CFP)

H Huang Hena arrested the police at the hospital on August 4th. (Picture / flip from Visual China CFP)

According to the SBS NEWS report, Huang Hena had already been detoxified and would be re-infected as Artist A persuaded himself to emphasize that she was the victim and to release her personal responsibility. She also said, "I'm injecting When I get drugs, A will buy drugs from friends or they will send me to buy them. "According to the results of these inquiries, the South Korean police decided to broaden the search to find out through which channels they bought drug and who was drugged with them. , Korean netizens also believes that if Huang Hena's statement is true then artist A must be arrested as soon as punished and the name of artist A has to be published.

H Huang Hena said that artist A was injecting drugs while she was asleep. (Picture / flip from SBS NEWS)

H Huang Hena said that artist A was injecting drugs while she was asleep. (Picture / flip from SBS NEWS)

In fact, Huang Haina was once arrogant, and once told his friends that "Dad and the cops are good brothers." Recently, Korean media have ejected and linked with Burning Sun Nightclub. She was exposed to evidence of drug use and poisoning. In the Seongnam hospital, he was excluded from the outside and refused to call him to the police and was finally arrested on August 4. As for the alleged drug smuggling, the spread of illegal videos and threats to victims, she denied she even showed her father how to know the police.

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