Monday , May 17 2021

AMD code name "Cato" RX-8125, RX-8120, A9-9820 exposure information processor! XFastest News

The new 3D processor is detected in the 3D Mark Run. The TUM_APISAK named the reddit directory folder, and AMD will launch some new processors under the code name "Cato", and the model number includes RX-8125, RX-. 8120 and A9-9820.

According to foreign media, the RX-8125 and RX-8120 can be part of the AMD Ryzen refurbished embedded processor. If that is the case, both chips can use the existing Zen processor architecture, while other existing AMD Ryzen products are upgraded based on the 12nm GlobalFoundries manufacturing process. 3DMark has discovered RX-8125 and RX-8120 using the Cato SoC driver name, so Cato is most likely to be a code for these new processors.

From the information standpoint, the RX-8125, Rx-8120 are an 8-core 8-way design, of course there is no SMT, the clock section of the RX-8120 has a base clock of 1,700 MHz and 1,796 MHz Boost clock and the RX-8125 has 2,300 MHz base clock and 2.395 MHz Boost clock. In addition, the AMD A9-9820 processor will probably be the new A9 member of the A9 Series 7 generation, as well as the previous two, the A9-9820 also looks like an 8-core 8-node configuration without SMT technology, with a base of 2,300 MHz and 2,395 . MHz Boost clock, and this APU seems to use a Radeon RX 350 graphics card. Since AMD has not yet released official information, these three processors can only be engineering versions, not the final version, and the clock and other data serve as a reference only.

AVENT is listed on the RX-8120 (RE8120FEG84HU) and A9-9820 (RE8125FEG84HU) web site, with Avnet being one of the world's largest embedded solution providers, RX-8125 and RX-8120 basic. The built-in processor is speculated by foreign media. Additionally, 105 A9-9820 shares are displayed on the AVENT website, so it is speculated that AMD will announce the launch of new processors in the near future.


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