Tuesday , April 20 2021

Caring for the Cup "Future Trends of Wang Weizhong" Access to Foreign Teams was Established "- China Times News

Wang Weizhong today (29) and his brother Lang Yuelin, who works for Lamigo Taotao, appeared in the baseball booth for the Care Cup and passed their experience to small players who took part in nursing care. The group is in touch but there is still no clear progress.

Earlier this year, American beer producers sold Wang Weizhong's contract with the Korean NC dinosaur. Wang Weizhong became the first player in Taiwan to travel to South Korea, and the appearance of "Hua Mei Nan" provoked a glorious wind in the Korean occupation. In two consecutive victories, Wang Weizhong won the nickname "Women's Daughter".

However, in the middle of the season, Wang Weizhong was deported to another army for injuries, and after returning to the army there was a significant fall in performance, and this season he played in 25 matches and made 7 wins and 10 losses and reached 4.26. Eventually, NC dinosaurs have won 58 wins, 1 and 85 defeats. After the end of the season the team decided not to renew Wang Weizhong.

Today, Wang Weizhong has appeared in the Career Career career class to guide young players and talk about the future. Zah Qianxiang, who participated in the jumping career activities, said, "I want to go to Lamigo to settle down with him." Zhu Junxiang laughs. In response, Wang Weizhong should not cause trouble.

However, Wang Weizhong then said, "There are now foreign balls in contact with the brokerage company, but there is still no progress." Although we do not say what the earth is in the bow, Wang Weizhong believes: "Now you have to prepare for the first one, I do not care which country I've been suffering three times this year, I hope I can train my body, just prepare and do not worry about other things .

(Bilten China Times)

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