Friday , April 23 2021

Citigroup was deceived! Mid-Monthly Men's 600,000 Issues, But An Angry Credit Card 63 Million Banker's Office Foul Punishment | ETtoday Finance | ETtoday News Cloud

▲ ▼ Citibank. (Photo / Reporter Xu Ya Mian)

▲ Citibank. (Photo / "ETtoday News Cloud" informative photo)

Reporter Dai Ruiyao / Taipei report

Citibank broke the scam today (6th)! After a well-known middle-aged man deliberately used a prepaid card to increase his credit card quota, he blew more than 600 pencils up to 63 million yuan in one month and did not return the money, and finally Citibank caught it. The Banking Bureau noted that this is obviously the emptiness of the system in which the client caught Citibank, which is the equivalent of cheating the bank. He believes Citiban is unlucky and has a penalty of 2.5 million yuan. The man was caught and sent to the prosecution.

Almost every bank has the function of paying a prepaid ATM card to increase the amount of credit card, and Citibank also has that function, but a well-known middle-aged man also raised the credit card amount from the original 600,000 prepaid cards. Within a month, more than 600 cumulative spending up to 63 million yuan was spent on luxury costs, and the banking system did not find it, and after that the buyer did not return the money, and after one month Citibank discovered it.

Wang Liqun, deputy director of Banking Office, said this approach was first in the country! Currently the man is arrested, but he has not yet returned the money, so he finally moved to the checkpoint. "It's obviously a fake bank, no intention to return it." "Normally, the bank gives you a 600,000 quote, but it's a blade. 63 million, the bank expects you to pay normally!"

Wang Liqun said that Citibank must do all testing, and there is also an initial understanding of all major banks, and now only Citibank has had the case. The client accidentally discovered this void and passed the man's behavior was not justified. Citibank wants to recover 63 million yuan? Wang Liqun said, "Of course, to recover!" He has now entered the court process.

The Banking Bureau believes that Citi offers prepaid card payments via ATMs to increase credit card balances, but the credit card information can not conduct online test operations and post-line inspection operations. The credit card information system has not been established. The procedure was verified by auditing, which led to the problem being found in time. It was considered that Citibank's internal control was seriously missing, and the amount of loss was high, and the system error time was long. Citibank is open for 2.5 million yuan.

Citibank responded that the case was initiated by the Bank and first reported to the competent authorities and the police unit, after verifying all relevant records and transaction documents, confirming that the case was a "deliberate fraud case". This also affects other clients' interests. As the case entered the court case, it is inconvenient to explain the details of the case.

Citibank has pointed out that it has taken the necessary follow-up measures and will continue to strengthen various risk control mechanisms to ensure user rights and interests, and be convinced.

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