Sunday , May 9 2021

"Edge Boundary 3" equipment to lower the system a big change no one will grab the equipment XFastest News

In the "Forbidden Land" series, the equipment that dropped the online game is unique, that is, a gun that has dropped and any of the four players can be paralyzed, which means the equipment will be robbed, but this situation will change a lot "Boundary Forbidden Land 3".

According to the official blog, in the online co-operative game "Boundary Forbidden 3", each player will get their prey so that there is no competition yet, but if you prefer "margin 2", rules that share the prey can also be set in the settings. Considering the level or progress of a task, you can always play an online or shared screen in a collaborative game mode with others, team up to kill monsters, complete challenges, and reward them.

Edge Boundary 3 will crash on the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms on September 13, 2019.


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