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Hon Hai is a frequent explosion, Foxconn's exposure to the factory – China Times News

Apple reported about a total reduction of three new orders for the iPhone, the main factory to establish Hon Hai's biggest influence, the Japanese media have discovered that the goal is to drop out at the end of the year to see 100,000 people. Recently, people from the Hon Hai Foxconn company published on the Internet and complained that the environment was not good for layoffs. The current situation at the factory is "too much capacity, but too little demand." In the last production season, maximum working hours were 7 hours a day. Everyone needs to get about 2 hours, and the pay is even worse.

According to a comprehensive media report, Foxconn staff staffed in an online PO article that the plant had seven business units, and now four have dropped out, and only three remain. Schools that have cooperative agreements with factories have also been interrupted. Several.

After Foxconn's work was released, many unsophisticated people working on Foxconn had written messages, and some people were openly saying, "Our factory here did not work overtime this month, and now is the fourth, the bonus is definitely not expected last month I also made 2,000 yuan. "

Overtime is an important source of revenue for many workers, but as Apple's new iPhone is not as good as expected, thousands of workers voluntarily reduced the number of overtime after the plant. Leave early.

The new iPhone is pretty cool, except Foxconn from Hon Hai has canceled overtime work by a weekend worker. Bourne Optics, which manufactures iPhone glass windows, also broke 8,000 layoffs, and Flextronics Plastics has sent a series of holiday news.

(Bilten China Times)

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