Tuesday , June 15 2021

Hunter Huang Junxiong is fairly Korean, and plays "Yunzhou Great Confucianism Shi Yanwen" – Zhongshi News

"Wulin's Storm" should be organized at 19 o'clock in front of Guangying's temple full of people. (Picture / 撷 from Zhang Jiaqing Live)
The Huang Junxiong doll master held a speech at the performance.

At the end of the year, the countdown to the elections, candidate Kuomintang South Korea Yu yesterday, the world's leading crowd was once again full, South Korea Yu today in Kaohsiung City Forest Park Guangying Temple call the puppet Huang Junxiong to play "Yunzhou Great Confucianism Shi Yanwen" plus performance "Traveling to the West – a big disturbed palace, the scene flooded over 4,000 spectators. Huang Junxiong expressed his support for co-operation with South Korea before the show.

Prior to the official "Wulin Storm" performance, the front of Guangying Temple was full of people. Former county judge Yangxiong County, Yang Qiuxing, came to the scene to talk to the public. Prior to the arrival of Yu in South Korea, there was a team of people holding a slogan to scream the scene, shouting "Korean Yujiao," "Korean Yuki Garlic," and there was a circular camera. "Yunzhou Great Confucianism Shi Yanwen" was officially opened at 7:20, and the audience immediately returned to childhood to watch television and concentrate on seeing emotions.

South Korea Yu moved to Kaohsiung City's natural forest park, and today is the first day of official campaign. In the afternoon, in Kaohsiung Linyuan, the street spreads into the street, and Yunlin's fellow master Huang Junxiong in the evening came to Linyuan's General Temple to perform "Yunzhou Dar." "Xia", and called the famous doll Shi Yanwen to vote, we hope the voter voted No. 1 South Korea Yu.

(Bilten China Times)

"The Yunzhou Great Confucian Man" played on the stage.
"The Yunzhou Great Confucian Man" played on the stage.
"The Yunzhou Great Confucian Man" played on the stage.
"The Yunzhou Great Confucian Man" played on the stage.
May 9, Mayor of KMT Kaohsiung, South Korea, has performed a puppet show in Kaohsiung Linyuan and puppetry Huang Junxiong. (Picture / Source from kick kicka)

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