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I found out that my classmates "long goddesses do not have to go to school"! Nevalish girl with red pencil colored body can not be wiped out of mother's knowledge | Red Bean Q Prah Key |

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Sometimes I really do not understand, where do ideas from the XD children's ideas come from? The present example in this article may have been done since childhood!

A six-year-old girl named Lily in the UK has recently studied well but comes the date of a spell check, is rather worried she will not test well, so she does not want to go to school. One day, Lily noticed that several students in the classroom did not go to classes, and after asking their colleagues, she learned that the students who had been on vacation had poultry in order to be able to rest at home.

Naughty Lily gets inspiration!

Picture / line from TWITTER @ Lily Schooley

On the day of the spell check, Lily borrowed a red pen from her mother, and told her mother she would use her homework, but her plan was quietly launched! Lily slipped into the bathroom with a red pencil and then red-dotted red pencils on her whole body, and it seemed as if the whole body was rich in goddesses!

Picture / line from TWITTER @ Lily Schooley

Lily turned into panic and ran into the living room and told her parents: "I feel itching all over the body, and I seem to have a goddess. Today I can not go to school to take my exam!" But Lily's parents are not stupid, they see Lily right away. Cheers, and pretending to say in horror: "Oh, there are so many goddesses that grow in an hour, we have to get you to the doctor!"

Picture / line from TWITTER @ Lily Schooley

Picture / line from TWITTER @ Lily Schooley

When I heard the word "doctor", Lily quickly said that all this fake, fun parents – but worse behind them, later Lily and her parents used all kinds of shower gels, could not wash the Red dot on her body, school His colleagues also laughed a few days.

This lesson seems to make Lily unforgettable!

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